4 Key Takeaways from Global Woman February London Breakfast


By Olivia Preston

Hosted by entrepreneur, journalist, and CEO, Mirela Sula, Global Woman’s monthly networking breakfast was held in the chic Richmond Club on Monday and welcomed over 40 amazing women and men. From doctors and dentists to coaches and psychics, the event was as diverse as its audience, with every woman having an important tale to tell.

An event all about meeting, mingling, sharing wisdom and creativity, those in attendance heard from four speakers, each sharing inspiring stories from the heart. At Businesswoman Today, we have made a guide to the key parts of the session and why they are important to you and your business journey.

  1. Time is the most important gift

One of the four speakers at the networking meeting was Dr Maggie Andi, a cosmetic dentist and the owner of a dental practice. She shared her thoughts and reflected on what people need during a time of great upheaval as the world shifts its focus. “Single most important thing for anybody to do in 2022, is to give your time,” Dr Maggie said.


Dr Maggie Andi (left) sitting with Dr Dunni Atalabi

She asked the women in the room to make sure to speak to people at the event, get their details and harness this opportunity to network. And by doing so, give someone your time. Investing in others with your time is not only for you but also for your business.

Think of all the avenues you have pursued and how unlikely the route was, talking to someone new could be the springboard to a new path you had never considered before.


  1. Start right now

“If you are sick in bed or in debt, the time to do something about it is now.” – Mirela Sula

Host and Global Woman founder, Mirela took the microphone and urged the women at the Richmond Club to recognise their potential and begin on their journey to success immediately. The only person in charge of your destiny is you and Mirela pressed the women to take action with anything they want to pursue and to do it now.

Mirela speaking at the networking breakfast

“Stop taking life for granted,” she said as she explained that there is no time like the present to stand in your power and raise your voice.

As a woman who has faced her fair share of adversity, Mirela spoke of her own struggles and her inferiority complex. Speaking about the challenges women face, she asked the women to make sure that there is only collaboration and no competition between them. Using networking as a space to empower other women will raise your mood and maybe profit, from the genuine connections made.

  1. Power of networking

“Surround yourself with people who inspire you.” –Maureen Hefferman

Richmond Club owner, Maureen speaking at event

The owner of the Richmond Club, Maureen Hefferman weighed in on the importance of meeting others similar to yourself. “Make sure you have got a network or place that empowers you,” she said. Maureen’s journey from idea to fruition was inspiring as the women sat in the very place, she had worked hard during the pandemic to set up.

Harnessing the true power of speaking and connecting with others is something that Alexandra Foster feels very strongly about. Director of insurance, wealth management and financial services at a global company, BT, Alexandra knows how to get the most out of every networking event you attend. Working across 180 countries globally, Alexandra has plenty of experience speaking and meeting many different people.

Director at BT, Alexandra Foster (left) speaks at event

“You are all an inspiration,” she said. Stories of women at previous Global Woman events who have gone from slavery to success have stuck with Alexandra, who repeats these to people she meets. Something as simple as sharing a personal moment can have a ripple effect and make a genuine difference in the lives of others

Juliet Morrison, an American writer and Global Woman member, also spoke about the usefulness of great networking. Originally hearing about Mirela’s work through the digital platform Clubhouse, she was instantly inspired to be part of the Global Woman Club to be part of a huge pool of creative women.

Juliet Morrison (centre left) in crowd
  1. Be determined

Determination and resilience were big aspects of the women’s talks as each woman had faced hardships in their past and explained how they found the strength to overcome them. In Mirela’s case, she had moved from Albania to the UK and found herself and her son close to being homeless. She urged those listening to not be scared or afraid and to grab every chance given to them.

Taking whatever opportunity that comes your way will help you to grow your business in ways that you had never considered before. Success is not linear, and the road is rarely straightforward, so take any chances you are given because you never know where it may lead.

If you are interested in empowering yourself and being surrounded by like-minded, inspirational women, join Global Woman and be part of an international network of women who want to succeed and help you on your journey. Join our next breakfast meeting on 8th March at the Richmond Club to meet Mirela and scores of wonderful ladies


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