Rosemary Reed: My Business Is To Empower Women Who Don’t Have a Voice

In the ever-changing world of entertainment, Rosemary Reed, a visionary artist, has woven a unique path, enriching their storytelling prowess and advocacy work. Her journey spans directing and producing, talent casting, and even the creation of a haven for victims of domestic violence. Rosemary’s past projects are tattooed with deep empathy and understanding, rooting from multifaceted experiences. She meticulously chose talent for more than 100 acclaimed shows, innovated with docu-series like “Driving Force” showcasing female athletes, and launched UK school tours to inspire young girls. Her firm belief in the motto “Seeing it is Being it” is strongly reflected in her work. With experience as an agent, Rosemary Reed brings a unique viewpoint to her role as a director and producer, truly comprehending the complexities of talent and the industry itself. Her work goes beyond just entertainment. Rosemary’s significant contribution to supporting domestic violence victims and her notable feature in “Women Who Shape Our World” highlights the wider influence she has. Her dedication to promoting women’s equality and empowerment also shines in future projects with POW TV. Here, she’s launching a new series tackling ageism that aims to spark even more positive change. [ez-toc]

Your journey in the entertainment world has been incredibly diverse, guiding you from directing and producing to talent casting, and even leading you to establish a “One Stop Centre” for victims of domestic violence. How have all these varied experiences shaped the way you tell stories and promote advocacy through your productions?

My multifaceted journey in the entertainment world has enriched my storytelling and advocacy efforts through an amalgam of perspectives. Every role and experience imbued me with profound empathy and understanding, underscoring the power of film and television in offering an honest portrayal of life’s realities that otherwise remain unseen.

You’ve hand-picked actors for over 100 critically acclaimed productions, which is quite an achievement! Could you share a backstage story about a particularly challenging or rewarding casting experience you’ve had that made a significant difference to the success of a project?

Working with some of the world’s most respected legends has been an honour. The “Living the Life” series, which paired two giants sharing their stories, was a remarkable experience. The episode featuring Leslie Phillips and Robin Gibb of the BeeGees was particularly poignant, revealing emotional content that set a high standard for the subsequent 37 critically acclaimed episodes.

“Driving Force” reveals the authentic and powerful stories of women athletes. Could you share what sparked your inspiration to create this docu-series, and tell us about the moments or discoveries that have had the greatest impact on you during its production?

My commitment to supporting women’s equality and diversity catalysed the creation of the “Driving Force” docu-series. The stark inequality in sports for women was a call to action, leading me to produce and direct 23 episodes featuring the world’s leading female athletes. These intimate portraits of their life stories and triumphs over numerous obstacles were a testament to their strength and determination.

The UK Schools Tour related to “Driving Force” seems like a unique and impactful initiative. Can you tell us about a memorable interaction you had with a student during one of these tours that made you realize the importance of your mission statement, “To See It Is To Be It”?

Our UK Schools Tour was an enlightening experience. The overwhelming interest from young girls aspiring to follow the footsteps of our superstar athletes affirmed the importance of our mission statement, “To See It Is To Be It.” It was a profound testament to the empowering potential of representation.

In your early career, you were an agent representing leading actors, musicians, and sports stars. How has your experience as an agent informed your current role as a director and producer, especially in terms of understanding talent and industry dynamics?

My early career as an agent representing leading creatives and athletes provided me with invaluable insights into talent and the intricacies of the entertainment industry. It was during this time that I had a front-row seat to witness the unwavering determination and drive for success that these talented individuals possessed. This experience taught me the importance of understanding the unique needs and aspirations of those I work with, whether they are actors, musicians, or sports stars. It also instilled in me the ability to extract the best from my guests by recognizing their strengths, guiding them toward their goals, and helping them shine in their respective fields. These lessons from my agent days continue to inform my work as a director and producer, allowing me to foster collaboration and bring out the best in the talent I work with.

Your work in setting up a Domestic Violence “One Stop Centre” is commendable. What motivated you to take on this project, and what are some of the most significant positive outcomes you’ve witnessed for women and children who have accessed your services?

My personal experience with an abusive relationship led to the establishment of the Domestic Violence “First Step Centre.” The first step to leave such a situation requires immense strength and a supportive system which we gave. Seeing women and their children emerge stronger on the other side is one of the most fulfilling aspects of my life’s work.

You’ve been featured in The Female Lead’s book ‘Women Who Shape Our World.’ Could you share a pivotal moment or experience that made you realize the impact you’re making in championing and inspiring women through your work?

Being featured in The Female Lead’s book ‘Women Who Shape Our World’ served as a powerful reminder of the broader impact my work has had in championing and inspiring women. It made me reflect on the many lives that have been touched by the stories we’ve told and the initiatives we’ve undertaken. It reinforced my commitment to continue advocating for gender equality and women’s empowerment through my work in the entertainment industry, ensuring that these stories and efforts continue to create positive change and inspire future generations of women.

Your commitment to supporting female-driven panels, conferences, and mentoring in the media industry is admirable. Can you provide an example of a mentee’s success story or an event that left a lasting impression on you?

As an ambassador for the “Refuge” domestic abuse charity, I have been moved by the impact of our collective efforts in protecting women and children. Witnessing their successful campaigns and events we hold reaffirms the profound difference we can make together.

Your productions often focus on “truthful and raw life stories.” Could you tell us about a particularly challenging or emotionally charged project that left a profound impact on you, and how did it shape your future work?

Producing and directing “The Power of Women Series” for Sky was an emotionally charged project. The resilience and determination of the women featured were a source of personal inspiration and served as a reminder of the transformative power of storytelling.

With POW TV evolving and leading the way in creating powerful new shows, can you give us a sneak peek into any upcoming projects or genres you’re excited about, and how they align with your commitment to women’s equality and empowerment?

POW TV continues to evolve, and we’re excited about our new show focusing on women experiencing ageism. Featuring international names, this series is unlike anything we’ve done before and aligns perfectly with our commitment to women’s equality and empowerment.


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