L.A. Roberts: My Inside Story—Inspiring the Speaker, Founder, & Creative Within


Say hello to L.A. Roberts. She’s a strong person who doesn’t give up easily. Her dear “Papa” first sparked her love for making a difference. Now, she’s a speaker, founder, and innovative advisor, authentically using her life stories to inspire others. You’ll find her writing inspiring books that many kinds of people can relate to. Her “Sister Suite Talks” give a boost to women everywhere. Big media networks have noticed L.A. Roberts and the special way she uplifts others. She encourages everyone to stay on track and to believe in themselves. As she plans new work, her goal remains to improve the world.


What inspired you to become a speaker, founder, and creative consultant, and how did you get started in this field?

My inspiration since I was a little girl was and is still my “Papa” Leon F. Howard Sr. I speak of him often because he really is what inspires me to keep pushing. Ever since I can remember It has already been in my heart to help people in any way I could. I remember when I was a little girl one of Papas friend needed a kidney and I simply told him he could have mine. My childlike Faith Heart believed, and that spilled over into my adult life. It just happened to manifest in the form of speaking, creating an amazing brand, and consulting. Now I’m not giving away major organs, however, I do give people hope every day. So, to answer the question when I started, I would say day 1.

Your books “From Breakdown to Breakthrough,” “Life After Death,” and “The Root Cause — A Journey to Heal Your Inner Child” all deal with topics related to personal growth and transformation. What led you to write about these topics, and what message do you hope to convey to readers?

I wrote these books to assist others through the process of grief and healing. “From Breakdown to Breakthrough- Life After Death” is a raw account of the experience I had with taking care of my Papa until he passed away and after. My goal was to let people know it’s ok to grieve and they are not alone. “The Root Cause- A Journey to Heal Your Inner Child” was written to assist people with healing the child within that needs help. The only reason why we grew up is because time told us we had to. A lot of people are still walking around hurt, sad, and mad about something that happened when they were 5. It’s time to release, let go, and walk in the beauty which is life.

You have achieved considerable success both in the United States and in Europe, including being ranked #1 in several categories in France and Germany. What do you think accounts for your global appeal, and how do you tailor your message to different audiences?

I can honestly say I really enjoy encouraging people and seeing the light in their eyes when everything comes together for them. I believe I have a global appeal because I’m relatable and honest. I tailor my messages by paying attention to my audience. There have been times when I changed or altered my message because I saw or felt a need in the room that had to be addressed. People like to know the person in front of them is truly genuine and they truly care. That makes for a much better experience.

You have been invited to speak at the United Nations and at prestigious universities and events such as TEDx. What have been some of the highlights of your speaking engagements, and how do you prepare for them?

There are so many amazing memories from those experiences. It’s the connection to people and knowing that in the end I truly made an impact no matter where it is. I was extremely nervous on the way to the United Nations. In the Lyft on the way, I prayed and cried a little because I could not believe I was getting this opportunity. It wasn’t until right before I opened my mouth to speak that all of my nerves went away. I don’t cry before every event; however, I do get very nervous, which is a good thing because it causes me to put all of my faith in God and not myself. I prepare for all of my events no matter where they are located, big or small the same way. I pray and trust that I will touch at least one person in the room.

You have been recognized with numerous awards and honors, including an honorary doctorate degree and The Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award in 2021. What do these awards mean to you, and how do they inspire you to continue your work?

When I was nominated to receive an honorary doctorate, once again I cried tears of joy. I was speechless that someone would consider me for such an honor. The Presidential Lifetime Achievement award was also such a beautiful surprise. I wasn’t expecting either of them but was grateful for both. They inspire me to always remember someone is always watching. No matter how big or small the task. You never know who is in the room. Always do my best and to stay focused on the assignment.

As a creative consultant, what are some of the most common challenges that companies and individuals face when trying to cultivate creativity and innovation? How do you help them overcome these challenges?

The common challenges that companies face is not consulting the people who are on the ground level. Often times leadership can forget that the best focus group they can ever have is within their walls. It’s the person that answers the phone, the lady that makes the coffee, and the guy that takes out the trash that have the creative ideas to push you forward and really get to the next level. I help them overcome those challenges by reminding them what’s important. Also, that they didn’t start at the top and to remember how many amazing ideas they had that ultimately got them where there are now.

Your “Sister Suite Talks” and specialized retreats offer women a space to connect, learn, and grow. What inspired you to create these events, and what do you hope participants take away from them?

My inspiration for creating Sister Suite Talks was the connection I have with my close friends. There’s nothing like having a good conversation with your girlfriends that make you laugh, cry, and heal all at the same time. I really enjoy the honest dialog and transparency that takes place during these sessions. I’m truly looking forward to bringing this particular event back. I’ve had lots of requests. Stay tuned!

You have been featured on major networks such as NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox. What has been your experience working with the media, and how do you use these opportunities to reach a wider audience?

My experience with working with media has been very positive. I really enjoy sharing my stories and having the opportunity to reach people all over the world. I enjoy meeting new people from all over the world and hearing how my message is having an impact. Thanks to media and the reach it provides I’m able to do that.

What are some of the most important lessons you’ve learned throughout your career as a speaker and consultant, and how have they helped you grow both personally and professionally?

So many lessons have been learned over the years. 1) Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. I used to look at social media and compare my journey with others. I’ve learned that is a waste of time and energy. There could be a million people doing the exact same thing I do; however, it will never be the same as me. I learned to be my authentic self and love every minute of it. 2) Stay focused – I’ve learned to keep my eyes on the goal and stop letting distractions that don’t matter take me away from the bottom line. 3) Always Bet On Myself- I used to be afraid to take chances in this journey but that has stopped. I grab onto my Childlike Faith and go for it. I have nothing to lose. I would prefer to go then wonder what would’ve happened if I did.

What’s next for you, and what upcoming projects or events are you most excited about?

So much is on the horizon. Some things I’m not allowed to announce right now; however, it’s going to be big. I’m having a beautiful black-tie gala on December 9th in Atlanta named Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses. My organization I Inspire Global is partnering with celebrity chef Darryl Taylor and his organization Overflow End Stage Renal Foundation to collect toys for children from low-income families. The evening will be filled with live music, dancing, and exquisite food. I’m looking forward to seeing my guest arrive in their beautiful black-tie gala attire while walking the red carpet and stopping to take a picture with Santa.


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