Dominique Stulens: The Power of Tenfold Growth — A Single Mother’s Story of Professional Triumph



Welcome to a riveting conversation on the 10X movement and its efficacy in coaching methodologies, the influence of personal experiences on mentoring styles, the power of international marketing in business growth, and the role of introspection in personal and professional development. As we navigate through this transformative journey, we’ll delve deeper into how these elements can profoundly impact businesses, individuals, and groups, offering fresh insights and proven strategies to foster exponential growth and success. We’ll uncover the essence of the 10X movement, explore the impact of personal experiences on mentoring, and discuss how international marketing can propel businesses to new heights. Join us as we unravel these intriguing aspects on the path to achieving breakthrough success.


Can you delve deeper into the essence of the 10X movement and how it integrates into your coaching methodology?


The 10X movement, popularised by Grant Cardone, revolves around the concept of setting goals and taking actions that are ten times greater than what an average person would consider reasonable. In my coaching methodology, I integrate the principles of 10X by encouraging clients to think big, set audacious goals, and take massive action. This involves challenging conventional thinking, embracing discomfort, and pushing boundaries to achieve exponential results. I apply these principles to myself daily. They have helped me to build a growth mindset and go the extra mile.

Can you describe how your journey as a single mother of twins has influenced your approach to mentoring business-minded individuals and groups?


Being a single mother of twins has profoundly shaped my approach to mentoring. It instilled in me resilience, time management, and the ability to adapt quickly. These qualities translate into my mentoring style, emphasising the importance of perseverance, effective time utilisation, leadership, and adaptability in the face of challenges for business-minded individuals and groups. When you are a single mom, you need to trust your kids quickly and give them ownership, which means they need to learn fast too. It’s also something that I notice happens with my clients when I coach or mentor them.

How do you utilise your experience in international marketing to help businesses attain exponential growth?

My experience in international marketing equips me with a global perspective on market dynamics. I leverage this insight to help businesses identify untapped opportunities, navigate cultural nuances, and develop strategies for fast expansion. The advantage of my marketing knowledge is a good combination with what Grant Cardone teaches. Practise what you preach, right? I help my clients gain clarity in their niche, define their brand positioning, and overcome their limiting beliefs in making themselves visible in many ways. Marketing nowadays is no longer only for selling a brand. It’s also a means to sell yourself.

Can you share a specific case where your coaching enabled a business or individual to shift their perspective and consequently, their trajectory towards success?


One notable success involves a client who, through strategic guidance and mindset shifts, launched her business before she was ready and gained 5 clients within 3 months. By evaluating her approach to challenges, help her overcome her limiting beliefs, exposing her to the 10X mindset and teach her world class sales techniques, she became unstoppable and highly motivated, which translated in great results.

How do you approach the fear of introspection in your coaching, and why do you believe it’s a crucial step towards personal and professional growth?


Fear of introspection is common but overcoming it is crucial for personal and professional growth. I create a safe and non-judgmental space for clients, emphasising the value of self-reflection in identifying strengths and areas for improvement. I guide them through introspective exercises to foster self-awareness, a cornerstone for meaningful growth. If they want to book massive results, they need to be able to have the courage to first look at the type of gaps they have. By identifying these, it’s easier to work on them. To be successful, they need to be confident about themselves, their service/product and their company. If one of them is not strong enough, there is a gap to be worked on.

You have a rich tapestry of experiences. How have these experiences shaped your principles in personal and professional development?


My rich tapestry of experiences has reinforced the importance of adaptability, continuous learning, and resilience. These principles form the foundation of my coaching philosophy, promoting a holistic approach to personal and professional development. Through my life experiences I have learned two major things: You always have a choice, no matter what, and your inner feeling is your compass to follow your path in life. I help people make the choices and trust their gut. By helping them define their goals and strategy and provide them with actionable tools, they gain the necessary trust and courage to make big changes in their lives. We all deserve to live a better life if that is what we want and need.

As an advocate of Grant Cardone’s strategies, can you discuss one strategy that you believe to be particularly impactful?


Grant Cardone’s emphasis on 10X goal setting has been particularly impactful. Setting goals that are ten times larger than conventional targets forces clients to stretch their capabilities, fostering innovation and resourcefulness. It’s all about the way you expand your thinking and transform your mindset. Everything is possible if you are willing to invest in yourself and take the necessary actions.

Could you elaborate on how your background in people management assists you in identifying and nurturing potential in your clients?

Understanding interpersonal dynamics enables me to identify strengths, weaknesses, and leadership potential, facilitating targeted coaching interventions for optimal development. I also believe that authenticity and empathy are 2 important elements required to be a good people manager. I have applied these in my leadership and have noticed what a positive impact this has been on the people, their motivation, and their performances. Applying these skills as a coach or mentor has allowed me to put my clients at ease and make them feel safe. It gives them the strength to open up, which helps me to see their potential.

How do you tailor your coaching approach to effectively cater to diverse business models such as B2C, B2B, and B2B2C?

Each business model requires a nuanced approach, but the basis of the 10X movement is equal for all of them. Your 10X mindset and way of looking at your problems as opportunities, vary depending on the size of your company. The bigger your business is, the more you will need to tackle important challenges.

For B2C, I might focus more on the individual need, while B2B I could focus on relationship-building and value propositions. B2B2C might require a combination. I tailor coaching to address the unique challenges and opportunities of each model.

Can you share an instance where your emphasis on teamwork and collaboration significantly transformed a business or individual’s approach to their goals?

I have consistently guided teams in transitioning from a siloed approach to a collaborative one. By fostering open communication, breaking down departmental barriers, and emphasising shared goals, these teams achieved higher efficiency, innovation, and ultimately exceeded their targets. Empowering teams without the need to control everything makes a significant difference. As a business owner, it’s crucial to learn to trust your team. When selecting team members, prioritise those with a positive attitude and an open mindset, even if they don’t possess all the required skills. Individuals with a great attitude are willing to learn the necessary skills and are genuinely appreciative of the opportunity.


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