Why you should attend Women in Business Expo 


Women in Business Expo is the UK’s first exhibition dedicated to supporting women in business. The two day event is free to attend and takes place at Farnborough International Conference and Exhibition Centre, Hampshire. Running from 16-17 October 2019, attendees will have access to a roster of top speakers and exhibitors from across the UK, who will share tips, knowledge and career opportunities.

It is important to attend Women in Business Expo, an event that will inspire and inform you not only about the newest business ideas, but also how they can be practically applied in your life or your business. 

It doesn’t matter if you are an entrepreneur or you are thinking to build up for the first time a business, this event will give you the right tools how to make business, create connection and create the right strategy to succeed .

Our Founder- Mirela Sula

Although the UK is today one of the world’s most developed countries and female entrepreneurs are a large percentage, it is still important to do more to support and empower women. There is still a long way to go before we achieve total gender parity. Since women are now more involved in the business world, we believe that getting the right support is key to their growth.

 If you are wondering why you should join Women in Business Expo on 16th-17th October , here are our 5 top reasons.

You are not alone

As an entrepreneur you feel sometimes alone while going through your challenges. But the truth is many more women feel the same way. Women in Business Expo is about connection and meet like minded  women and share the experience. You cannot succeed if you are alone. You will need different supporters around you: partners, customers, investors etc. 

Network and create relationships 

You can meet the right people and make the right deals that can help you grow and  thrive your business. Spending time and speaking among successful women from all backgrounds, countries and industries will encourage to open eyes to new business opportunities and new business partners. 

Push your limits

The extensive seminar timetable has numerous sessions tailored to different elements of business – such as how to market the product, how to think big, the importance of the right mindset to succeed etc. You will build your knowledge and will be encouraged to push your limits, get out of your comfort zone, manage your emotions to positive outcomes and have efficiency in your business and life. 

Find your business model

Running a franchise will be a key focus at Women in Business Expo event.

You don’t have to love chocolates to open your own franchise chocolates shop. But of course you have to do all the work and to fulfill your ambition with it. In this event you will find your business model and get business advice how you can grow it and make it a successful one, how to deliver the service and sell the product. You will learn how important is to work well ON the business, not just IN the business. But of course you need to find the right business idea for you. The old formula – find a need and fill it – still works. It will always work.

Learn from the best

You will get the essentials tips for small businesses and start ups from the expert entrepreneurs. If you are hoping to become an entrepreneur and come up with “the next big thing”, you need to get the right advice from the right people. You will have the possibility to ask for their advice and help. Keep in touch with them along the way and build your network before you need it! So Women in Business Expo is your chance. You’ll save a tremendous amount of trial and error by learning from people who have been there before.


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