The story of Elisabeth Villiger Toufexis – a Global Woman Director



“When you look back you realise, that once you set a goal the opportunity appears”

Nobody was looking forward to my birth. The fact that my mother was only 16 years old and that there was no father in sight, it must have been terrifying for my grandparents. But my grandfather was a good man and he took me home. 

I grew up to be a lovely and very smart girl, and even though I was bullied a little bit in school for being a “bastard child”, that’s what we were called at the time, I was an excellent student and my  grades were so good that I could have gone to university. Unfortunately, there was nobody around who would pay for my studies so I decided to do a commercial apprenticeship. I worked three days a week and went to school two days a week, received a salary and started saving money as often as I could. I had already worked while going to school and always knew that your own money gives you independence.  I knew that I wanted to see the world and I knew that I wanted to get away from where I was born. 

As soon as I was old enough, I applied to work abroad as a tour guide and my first destination in 1980 at the tender age of 19 was Rhodos, in Greece. By that time, I was fluent in four languages and I eagerly started learning Greek. For more than 11 years I travelled around the world, was in charge of round trips to all continents and had an amazing learning experience, understanding other cultures and especially understanding that we are all the same. And … I also had a lot of fun.

During one of my trips in the US, I attended a public speaking course given by a very young Tony Robbins and bought his book Unlimited Power. I had already come across the famous 

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr Joseph Murphy. I started realizing that up until now, I had subconsciously set goals but now I had been given the instructions to do it consciously and so I did. I decided to get married and have children and out of nowhere, the love of my life who had married someone else told me on the phone that he was getting divorced. There it was again; I had attracted what I had set my mind to. I decided to move to Cyprus, we got married and within two years had two beautiful children. A girl and a boy who are now grown up and who are beautiful adults. 

When my children were small, I soon realised that just being a mother did not satisfy me, I had my first child at 35 and had been working all my life. I then started looking for something to do. When I realised that there were no decent quality wooden toys available in Cyprus, I started importing them myself from Germany, and soon after I had opened several shops in Limassol and in Nicosia. My kids grew and I got bored with babies’ toys, I missed travelling. I sold the shops and started working as a free-lance interpreter, but mainly for the European Police Association.

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About six years ago, I realised that time and again, that people asked me for advice about life in general and how do deal with problems. So, I decided to get some tools to make my mentoring official. Once I had decided, the most amazing coaching institute appeared on my google search. I trained to become a life coach and hypnotist and continued my training to actually become a master life coach. 

Now I work as a coach and hypnotist and I absolutely love watching my clients grow and evolve. It is a pleasure to hear from my hypnosis clients that after many years of fear of flying they got on a plane feeling confident and even got on a helicopter ride after they arrived in New York. I love helping people, and I absolutely love seeing people feel good – especially when I had something to do with it. 

Once I realised how much fun helping people is, I thought it would be a good idea to be able to influence a bigger audience. I started organizing Breakthrough Experience Seminars but then I realised that Cyprus is a small market. I wanted more and I decided to set a new goal, I wanted to become a motivational speaker on a bigger stage. Guess what appeared on my Facebook timeline shortly after I had set this goal? 

Would you like to be a speaker at the Global Woman summit? 

I answered yes and I got contacted by a lovely young lady called Ellen Bjerkehag, we talked on the phone and I booked my speech. It was in November, 7 months before the event, because I believe that opportunities have to be grabbed when they appear. That’s what I do, always, and it’s working for me. However, before the London event Global Woman organized an event in Switzerland and I thought, they cannot go to Switzerland without me, that’s my turf, my homeland and I joined them, and I met Mirela Sula and the rest is history.

I fell in love with the concept of Global Women, with the sense of togetherness and the feeling of belonging. I fell in love with Mirela Sula’s sense of humor because I have learned one thing in life, we can do serious work, but we don’t always have to be serious.  Life is a funny, wild, and ridiculous adventure as much as it is serious, deep, or tragic at times. We always have a choice, how we want to react to what happens to us

I wanted to bring this feeling to my chosen home, to Cyprus and on Saturday the 12 th of October, I am launching my very own Global Women Club in Cyprus. I became a darling, that’s what Global Women Directors are called. Would you like to know why? If you want to find out, you have to join the Club! Global Women has only just taken off and it’s going to be an amazing trip because when women get together, miracles happen…


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