Michaela Wild: From Failing at School to Living the Dream


Michaela Wild believes that we could end most of our difficulties if we were all to feel good about ourselves and feel loved. She advocates a strategy of finding mentors who have achieved what you aim to achieve for your growth and believes that we learn the most if we don´t just learn in classrooms but get the experience of what we are trying to achieve with all emotions involved.

The point is that emotion in combination with information will speed up your learning one-hundred-fold. This is not only a promise, this is science. And if fun is involved, even better. Unfortunately, this real-world practicality and element did not appear in Michaela’s school lessons. This is something she would like to see changed.

Michaela has a passion for learning new things and the way she learns is what stands out for her. Through all the changes she has been challenged by, she has learned that it´s all about growing as an individual, and that is what she teaches through shows, seminars and entertainment.

A massive obstacle a lot of people experience is that the process of learning can has a bias against it of being tough and boring. The question that allows Michaela to excel is: What if learning can be the best fun of all?

From having no money, being ignored, and having the closest people around her telling her she was hard to believe in, Michaela found her why inside and not from society or her parents. When the people closest to you fail you, what can you do? What is there to do? Michaela answered life’s problems with a studious spirit. It is while they are learning that we should touch people’s hearts, and Michaela tells you more about her journey to this realization in this interview.

When we are able to think and feel differently, that’s when the magic happens; everything becomes possible.
—Michaela Wild


You won second place as a bikini athlete, you have had thousands of performances with millions of viewers, and today you still have tons of talent. What is your “why” — the one thing that drives you?


I know it is said that you have to find your WHY. I personally have never found that single, one why. There are many things that drive me.

I feel like, I cannot NOT do it, because not doing it would kill who I am. It would kill my spirit.

I have come here to fulfill my purpose and that is what I am doing. I follow my heart and go wherever it leads me.

I have always wanted to make people happy. That is deeply rooted within me. As a child, I felt responsible for making my parents happy. Of course, that did not work, and I felt so much guilt and shame about that.

As a parent, I know now, whatever I want to teach my kids, I have to do and be myself first. If I want them to be happy, I have to make sure I am happy.

Tony Robbins states: Happiness = progress. And I totally agree with that. For me, staying where I am is not an option. Which does not mean that I am ungrateful and unhappy with where I am right now.
We are all here to dive into our biggest potential. And it’s such an exciting journey to discover it and find out what’s possible.

If I could, I would just swing my magic stick and make everyone in the world feel happy and loved.

I think that would end all of our problems because a person that feels this way behaves differently than the one that doesn’t.


How did you go from failing at school to becoming a best-seller author and what was your first memory as an author?


This is a big question, and it has been a long journey. If I had to narrow it down to one word, the word would be: mindset.

I have a different mindset today than when I was in school.

The question should be: Why did I fail at school? Besides the fact that I still don’t agree with our school system now, I would say the main reason for failing was not being interested in school. Plus, it was my way of rebelling against people telling me what I have to do. I still hate being told what to do.

It’s a different thing doing something because someone tells you to do it or doing it because you want to do it.

Even though writing a book was something that I really wanted to do, it was not something that came easy.

I remember sitting at my desk writing, and hearing these voices in my head telling me: “Who is supposed to read this? Do you really think anyone could be interested in this?” And then I would become so tired, having to lay down for a nap.

I experienced this several times.

I got over it by reminding myself that if what I am writing will only make a difference for one single person, then it is worth it. No matter what the rest of the world thinks.

So, I had a “why” to write my book. I did not have a why to be good at school. Sure, I was told all the “whys” I should have. But I could never feel them. They were never mine. It was society’s why. My parents’ why. Not mine.


What do you consider the most important elements for success in life?


Always following and trusting your heart. Don’t listen to people telling you what is possible and what is not. It doesn’t matter how many times you fail; you just can’t let that stop you. Find people who have done what you are trying to accomplish and learn from them.

Don’t believe your own stories that hold you back. Laugh about yourself. Be willing to do the inner work and keep reinventing yourself.

Take time to find that goal that you want with every cell of your being.

Self-care is not an option. It’s the ground that everything else is built on.

Have fun!

How do you think entertainment can be used as a tool for personal growth and transformation? What challenges have you faced in your journey and how did you overcome them?


Music and fun are such powerful tools!!!!

Human beings don’t learn from just reading or hearing information. We learn most from experience. So, through games, for example, I can give people an experience of what it is they want to learn. They don’t just learn information. They experience it by playing and so accelerate their learning a hundred times. Plus, it’s fun.

Fun is such an underestimated element.

Would you rather sit in a classroom and study hard or have fun? What makes you learn more, fast?

An important part of experiencing is feeling emotions. Music is the fastest way to unlock and connect emotions.

I hated school. I thought it was boring and it made me feel that I am stupid. Plus, I didn’t learn a lot that now helps me in real life.

In truth I love to learn new things. The way I learn them makes all the difference.

For all the big changes I have made in my life I needed to grow as a person and learn new information. One of the biggest obstacles for most people’s growth and living their dreams is that they think learning is tough and boring. I don’t know any person that would be excited to go back to school as we all know it.

But what if learning can be the best fun?

What if you could have a fun night out at a musical theatre show with great music, dance and sparkling costumes, and experience fun, big emotions and information that helps you to grow right there?

What if you have a fun board game night with your friends, and after that you know exactly what has been holding you back and what your next step is?

I could give you an endless list of challenges I have faced. From simply being tired and overworked, to being broke, to nobody wanting to listen to me, to being told that I am ugly and not good enough, to my closest people around me telling me that they don’t believe in me and that it can’t be done.

I have been misunderstood hundreds of times. Faced barriers that I thought I could never break through.

Self-doubt. Self-hate. Shame for failing. Shame for letting other people down. Shame for trusting the wrong people and for losing money.

Through all the challenges I have had in my life, music has always helped me through every obstacle and every emotion. It has helped me to cry the tears that needed to be cried, it has built me up and gave me new power.

When I allowed myself to really feel all these emotions and sit with them, something magical would always happen.

Just when I thought I couldn’t do it anymore because I was going to die feeling these feelings, all of a sudden, they would calm down.

That’s when the space for the deepest love I have ever felt opened.

And then I could hear voices saying: “Are you done now, feeling sorry for yourself? You know you have a job to do.” So, I would pick myself up, now fulfilled by this sweet and peaceful feeling of love, knowing this is not the end—I could laugh about myself and keep going.

Everybody has a song that always picks them up.

The real problem and challenge are never what happens on the outside. The real problem is always how we think and feel about what is happening—how the inside reflects the outside.

When we are able to think and feel differently, that’s when the magic happens; everything becomes possible.

What strategies have you used to build your multi-million-Euros real estate portfolio?


That question could fill a whole book!

First, I had to find out why I wanted it and what I wanted real estate to do for me. I decided that I wanted to buy and hold so it would bring me a regular monthly income.

I learned about different strategies to buy and hold and what would bring me the best monthly income.

I then learned how to do it using others’ money.


What’s your first memory of selling or buying a house?


I thought it was super complicated, hard work and boring.

It might be said you learn more from failure than success. What have you learned from failure that you did not learn from your success?


To believe in myself no matter whether other people do or not.

I have learned to differentiate between goals that my mind thinks would be great, and goals that really drive me because my heart and soul wants them. This makes all the difference.

I have learned that failing is nothing to be afraid of and many times failure is the way towards success.


What surprised you most about working as a public speaker?


That there are people taking time to consume all my content, reading all of my posts, staying all the way through a seminar only to find that one thing that they can criticize.

It is amazing, wow—all that time, effort, and energy spent criticizing!


What is the best thing that happened to you since working as a public speaker?


Who I had to become in order to deliver the messages I wanted to deliver.


By now you can look back on 18 years of having a successful career on stage – Why have you decided to share all your knowledge and experience about this?


Because I believe we need more people showing up and sharing their knowledge. And as stated before, it´s important for me to enable them to do it in a way that is fun and really moves people.

If we really want to see changes it is so important to touch people´s emotions while they are learning. And that´s exactly what I am teaching.

Emotions and knowledge are the most valuable currencies.

I am forever grateful for the teachers that have shared their knowledge with me because it has completely turned my life around. And I believe there is the right teacher for every student.

We need more teachers and entertainers that are really interested in other people.


What is one thing you wish people knew about you?


That I so wish I could stop all the pain and hate in this world and put love and happiness in everybody’s hearts.

I wish everybody could live life feeling loved and secure in every moment and flourish while unlocking and living everything they are.


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