Gina Maier Vincent: 5 Essential Tips for Living Your Finest Life


Exquisitely Aligned bears a special meaning. When you feel like something is missing from your life, you tend to look for answers outside of yourself. But really, what’s missing… IS YOU! Gina believes… living your finest life… is about becoming YOUR TRUEST SELF. And valuing who you are and the unique gifts you have to offer the world. As a transformation expert, she takes women on a journey deep into their souls, where they can discover and reclaim the pieces of themselves they silenced or sacrificed to keep the peace and help others.  She describes her work as the final stop for the woman who is ready to accept the invitation to live her finest future: life on her terms, making her bigger impact, and shining unapologetically… lighting the way for others. Exquisitely Aligned is about YOU becoming EXACTLY what the world is missing. Gina shares how her own life, full of twists and turns, led her to discover the 3 Keys to becoming Exquisitely Aligned. Now, she helps her clients by walking ahead and shining a light, so they can step forward and meet her at THEIR ultimate destination. Passionate about her work, Gina shares her 5 essential tips for living your finest life – starting today.
STOP playing the one-size-fits-all game! Your finest life is waiting for you. —Gina Maier Vincent

What does it mean to be Exquisitely Aligned?

I believe we are born exquisite. (YOU included.) We don’t need to “look like, think like, sound like, or want the same things as anybody else.” We KNOW we’re UNIQUE with (much) MORE to offer. Mundane thinking & mediocre results are NOT for us. I believe we are here to shake things up (in a good way). Sure, we’ve been asked to “fit in” and if we do, we give up pieces of ourselves. When you reconnect & reclaim those pieces, you FEEL complete & ARE in flow with everything around you. You’re FREE to FINALLY be who you are authentically — “Exquisitely Aligned.” This applies to ALL aspects of our life… emotional, intellectual, mental health; parenting style, friendships, our way of showing up in the world; our ability to express ourselves outwardly, & our spirituality. In one sentence – When you express your truest self outwardly… you become EXACTLY what the world is missing. That’s what Exquisitely Aligned is all about.

What does it mean to live your finest life?

First let me say, I believe there’s a misbelief here. When it comes to living your finest life, people think it’s about growing, changing, or perfecting yourself to society’s standards. Society convinces us, that in order to feel fulfilled in our relationships, career, & self, we need to find the answers outside of ourselves. That leads us to believe we’re NOT enough & we’re NOT worthy of “MORE.” When it comes to living your finest life… it’s about becoming YOUR TRUEST SELF. And valuing who you are and the unique gifts you have to offer the world. In order to do that, you need to go deep within yourself, reclaim your missing pieces, and realize your truths. Because true transformation is an inside job.

I’ve heard you say we get invitations in life. Gina, can you explain what you mean?

Yes. I believe there are 2 types — each one extends or offers us an opportunity. First, there’s “Frightened & (then) Enlightened.” It’s an unexpected situation, like having the rug pulled out from under you. It happens in our health, our career or finances, or our love relationship. These unexpected situations are invitations to find the blessings in the uncomfortable. It’s in these times we are transformed. And second is “Intrigue & Intimidation” (equally & immediately). This one is a little different. It’s a shiny invitation. It may frighten us but for less time and less dramatically. There’s beauty here. When you feel intimidated & intrigued by something, pay attention. There are powerful possibilities ahead. In life, there are moments that shock us. They drop us to our knees. Open our eyes. We realize there’s MORE to us and MORE waiting for us. That’s the life I want for you.

Gina, can you give us an example of “Frightened & Enlightened” invitations vs. “Intimidated & Intrigued” invitations?

“Frightened & Enlightened.” It could be… you find yourself in a marriage that isn’t working out the way either of you had intended & deciding to dissolve it. Or being laid off, even though you gave them all your years of hard work. Both are unexpected. But in time, we are given the opportunity to find the silver lining, to become enlightened and transformed by hardship. “Intimidated & Intrigued” … a good example would be my podcast. For years, I was told I should have a podcast & YouTube channel. I wasn’t in a place, literally & figuratively, where I felt called to do it. Fast forward, I’m in my new home here in sunny California. One day while I sat in prayer & meditation, I KNEW I was being called to step out of my comfort zone. But I couldn’t figure out how. A few weeks later, a beautiful friend who’s also an entrepreneur said, “You should have a podcast.” And there it was. I had goosebumps. It was at that moment I realized: this was my invitation. Today I’m loving every minute of it. The possibilities & opportunities are endless & are ever unfolding. Each invitation, whether “Frightening & (then) Enlightening” or “Intimidating & Intriguing” are rich with rewards. They allow us to practice & play using our gifts in a new more exciting way. We appreciate our gifts, share them with others, and allow others to appreciate them as well. It truly is a powerful and beautiful exchange. We become (even) MORE Exquisitely Aligned.

What are some of the challenges, that the women you work with experience?

Typically, they are one of three situations. First, let’s call her Nora. Nora played nice; the dream daughter, straight-A student, ideal employee, perfect wife & won mother of the year. She’s silenced and sacrificed her desires to help others. She now feels a disconnect with who is staring back at her in the mirror. Next, let’s call her Rachel. She’s the rebel. She’s gone through life knowing she’s unique and fighting conformity. She’s now frustrated and exhausted. And last, we’ll call her Fran. She went back and forth between nice and rebel. She’s now feeling confused. Typically, they’ve been through something, could be one of those invitations we spoke of. And now, they are ready to be BOLD & COURAGEOUS and live life on their own terms. Or they know they’re being called to shake things up to make the world a better place and need help figuring things out. Or they feel it in their heart of hearts, that they’re SO close to what they want, but sense there’s something missing or blocking them.

I know you call yourself a Transformation Expert. Are you a coach? And how do you work with people? 

I’m not a coach – I don’t cheer you on from the sidelines. Instead, I walk ahead & shine a light, so you can meet me at YOUR ultimate destination. For the past 20 years, as a Transformation Expert, I stretch a woman’s personal boundaries. I move you to express your truest self in your relationships, health, and wealth. I take you on a journey deep to your soul. You already know I don’t fit into a box. Here are some other words that describe my work: dream activator, soul whisperer, truth teller & finisher-completer par excellence. I help you recognize your inner beauty by reclaiming the pieces you sacrificed or hid, to help others. There is WISDOM in connecting with who you were born to be. When you do, it’s only natural to do the AMAZING things ONLY YOU CAN. You SHINE brilliantly & unapologetically for all to see. You light the way for others! That’s the transformation. And I’m honored to be a part of that journey. My favorite way to work with people is one-on-one. I create a safe space & give you the PERSONAL attention you need for this journey DEEP into your soul. I also do retreats.

You talk about each of us being exquisite. What makes you exquisite?

I’m a NEW YORKER by birth. I move fast. And I DON’T sugarcoat things. I speed up the journey SO YOU don’t waste ANY MORE of your valuable time trying to figure it ALL out, ALONE. I give a VOICE to your soul & ILLUMINATE the things you can NOT see – those missing pieces you’re searching for & longing for. My own life has been full of twists and turns; you can read more about me in my Executive Bio and Backgrounder – Personal Story.

What is your best advice for living your finest life?

I have 5 Essential Tips for living your finest life. Here’s what nobody’s talking about. When it comes to living your finest life, it’s about becoming your truest self. And here are my 5 tips:
  1. STOP chasing your dreams. They’re not running from you. They’re waiting for you to BE YOU. The real you, who is whole & complete – not the one who needs a dream to feel complete.
  2. Don’t play the one-size-fits-all game. When you silence parts of yourself & sacrifice your dreams to “fit-in” or make others happy, you settle for less than you desire & deserve.
  3. KNOW you’re worthy. Your finest life is what’s calling to you in the wee hours of the night. There’s more to you. And more waiting for you.
  4. Pay attention when something “Intimidates & Intrigues” you. If it feels right — say a wholehearted, “Yes!” When you do, you open yourself to powerful & ever-unfolding possibilities.
  5. Make it your mission to remain in (or reclaim) your Exquisiteness. Remember: It is a privilege and your power to be Exquisite.
And as a last thought… I’m here to say, “NOW is the time! You don’t have to WAIT until you have an Instagram-ready life (perfect love life, ideal body & bank account) to take a stand for your AMAZING future.”
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