Jacquie Branagan: The Executive Burnout Coach — How I helped Co-Found a Successful SAAS Company


Jacquie, an achieved and highly successful private executive burnout coach and award winning serial entrepreneur, also became a co-founder of CreateDemand.ai. One of three co- founders of this company, she describes it as an all in one Business Marketing Platform and shares her secrets to innovating in corporate environments. These secrets include creating a culture that values and encourages the fair distribution of ideas.

Jacquie leads by example. She teaches us to embrace difficulties and challenges that lie outside of our comfort zones as learning opportunities. We find she encourages investments in training and development. Successful serial entrepreneurialism requires adaptability, a strong work ethic, time management skills and excellent communication and leadership skills. To lead a forum, Jacquie believes you must create a confidential environment, setting clear guidelines for respectful communication, and actively moderating discussions. She traverses overwhelm and hardship with a recognition for the reality of the situation and prioritises commitments, delegates tasks, practices self-care and mindfulness and seeks support from others to achieve her entrepreneurial ends. Her story represents female empowerment. She has overcome serious obstacles such as working in a male-dominated industry and gender-based barriers. [ez-toc]

What are your secrets to innovating that potentially allow creativity to remain applicable to corporate contexts?

Innovation and creativity are key drivers of success in any corporate context, but maintaining a creative culture will challenge anyone. As an Executive Burnout Coach and an award winning serial entrepreneur with previous global corporate experience, I believe one can find several secrets to innovating that can help to foster agents of creation in business environments. To foster creativity in such a contextual space as business, you must concentrate on engendering a culture of strong values and one which openly encourages inclusivity and the sharing of ideas. Have a truly supportive environment where people are recognised for their strengths and supported in areas that’s needed which should also embolden self-care, mindfulness, trust and respect. Of course, investment in training and development is also key. Embrace what might be termed as a failure, as a true learning opportunity. Remember, failure simply represents a bend in the road, not the end of the road! Also, stay up to date with industry trends, and ensure you set achievable goals. Never forget to celebrate successes either as this spurns teams and individuals on to aim for further attainment, is good for morale and can help foster a winning / happy culture. By incorporating these secrets to innovating into your corporate culture, you inspire new ideas that drive success and growth.

What are the primary advantages of being a Co-Founder and what is the why behind your company’s vision?

As a female co-founder along with two male co-founders of CreateDemand.ai, our SAAS organisation provides an all-in-one business marketing tools platform, I believe the primary advantage of co-founding evinces an ability to collaborate with other talented individuals to create something innovative and valuable. As part of a team that has a variety of knowledge and experience, we get to provide a much better customer journey and each bring our own unique perspectives to the table. Our why is based on our own experiences and seeing the struggles of many entrepreneurs. We are very conscious of how they can face so much overwhelm and budget restraints with many different platforms needed to efficiently operate and scale their business.  This can be a huge factor as to why some just don’t succeed. This is why our platform offers all the tools under one dashboard with significant cost savings plus 24/7 live customer support to help improve our global customers overall business performance and productivity. Feeling stuck, not sure what to do, feeling that overwhelm and isolation for solo entrepreneurs or those in companies with certain responsibilities, is now a thing of the past. Essentially, we drive growth and our company’s vision is developed around ongoing innovation and improvement and the providence of a cost-effective, client-focused and scalable platform. The aim is to create a foundation for businesses of all sizes to propel them to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.

What does it take to become a serial entrepreneur which most entrepreneurs need to know before they start?

Serial entrepreneurs need to harness adaptability and a willingness to pivot when necessary. They must develop a strong work ethic, manage their time effectively, and possess excellent communication and leadership skills. It is also important for serial entrepreneurs to maintain a clear vision and strategy for each business they start. My advice? Stay focused on your values and goals, even in the face of setbacks and challenges. By developing these key traits and skills, entrepreneurs increase the chance of success because serial entrepreneurs multiply the creation of successful businesses over the course of their careers, rather than putting all their eggs in just one basket!

Tell us about InstaXplosion, and where do you see the company growing in the next few years?

InstaXplosion, the world’s first Loyalty & Rewards Program for Instagram users, takes a creative idea in an innovative direction. When you sign up and people join your loyalty program, you get to capture those follower’s email addresses which is critical to growing your business. Data is KING and because of this we must employ automation to help take away the overwhelm of managing your Instagram account while helping you grow your database, loyal followers and business. We gamified this so that when people comment on your posts, they are rewarded with points which accumulate to prizes and we provide Free Of Charge, holiday accommodation vouchers that InstaXplosion members can pass on as an award to followers that have accumulated a certain amount of points, at a 90% discount price. Currently we have incorporated InstaXplosion as part of our Create Demand Marketing Suite so with providing necessary business tools plus innovatively new and efficient ways of helping you run your business, you are set for success. As a co-founder, I am excited to see where the company will grow in the next few years. With the ability for entrepreneurs to replace so many expensive and somewhat limited business tools and have them all on an affordable one-stop-platform, our mission is to provide businesses with the necessary tools to succeed in today’s ever-evolving digital landscape. We remain confident that our Create Demand Marketing Suite, which includes InstaXplosion, will continue to deliver. Our suite of tools will become increasingly popular globally, with businesses across a wide range of industries, as they seek to improve their online presence and engage more effectively and affordably with their customers. Our innovative approach and 30-day FREE trial sets us apart from other providers in the market and we are confident that our unique value proposition will continue to resonate with businesses of all sizes. In the coming years, we plan to expand our offerings even further, with new features and integrations designed to help businesses succeed in an increasingly competitive landscape. We’ll continue to listen closely to our customers’ needs and feedback, and we’ll work tirelessly to develop new solutions that help them achieve their business goals. Overall, we see a bright future for InstaXplosion and our Create Demand Marketing suite and look forward to steady innovation and growth in the years to come.

What is the key to leading a forum, and what can the internet culture teach us about this?

I believe the key to leading a forum surrounds creating a confidential environment where everyone feels safe to express ideas, opinions, share their experiences and provide a safe place where new ideas and growth can happen. This requires setting clear guidelines and boundaries for respectful communication and actively moderating discussions to ensure that everyone’s voices find occasion to speak out and be heard. The internet culture has taught us a lot about forum leadership, as online communities have become an increasingly important part of modern communication. One of the key lessons we can learn from the internet culture teaches the importance of transparency and accountability in forum leadership. Online moderators are often held to high standards of transparency and are expected to be responsive to community feedback and concerns while providing a safe space for individuals to communicate, listen, grow, and learn with the additional support of their fellow forum members.

Can you tell us about a time when you felt overwhelmed? What tools do you use to overcome this?

As someone who has gone through chronic burnout and experienced overwhelming feelings multiple times, I can share a specific experience and the tools I have used to help me overcome it. One instance that comes to mind is taking on too many commitments at once, both professionally and personally. As an entrepreneur, I worked full-time, mentoring, trying to maintain relationships, support and deal with issues for my son surrounding his diagnosis of Aspergers, Dyspraxia and ADHD and putting the needs of others first and not dealing with personal traumas as they arose, all compounded to becoming overwhelmed. I didn’t fully realise that I had overextended myself, and I began to feel the weight of my responsibilities bearing down on me. To overcome this overwhelming feeling, I first acknowledged the situation and accepted that I had allowed myself to tolerate too much. Next, I made a list of all my commitments and prioritised them based on importance and urgency. I then started delegating tasks where possible and set realistic expectations for myself. I also made sure to take breaks and practice self-care. This included scheduling time for exercise, relaxation, and spending time with loved ones. I also made sure to get enough sleep and eat a healthier diet. Another important tool to use is mindfulness. I practiced staying in the present, in the moment, with gratitude and without worry for the future or depressed dwelling on the past. This helped me stay focused and calm. Finally, I sought support from others. I reached out to people with similar experiences. Their support and guidance helped me navigate the overwhelming feelings. As a result, I came out stronger on the other side. I learned to ask for help and through my own experiences, have now been able to help and support many others dealing with overwhelm and burnout.

Do you believe authenticity is a key attribute of successful business relationships? How can we apply this in our own networks?

Absolutely! Authenticity is an important key attribute of successful business relationships as it fosters trust, respect, and mutual understanding. To apply this in our own networks, we should strive to conduct ourselves in a genuine, honest, and transparent manner throughout our interactions. This of course means being true to our values, admitting our mistakes, and keeping our commitments. We should also listen actively to others, show empathy, and seek to understand their perspectives. I also encourage people to “do your best to live in Kindness” — you never know what someone is going through! By building authentic relationships based on mutual respect, kindness and trust, we can create a network of supportive and collaborative individuals who will help us achieve our goals.

What has being recognised as an entrepreneurial agent of change taught you?

Recognition as an entrepreneurial agent of change has taught me several valuable lessons which helped me grow as a person and as a business leader. Here are a few of the key lessons I have learned. Innovation and creativity persist as essential: in order to be an agent of change, you must embrace outside-the-box thinking and willingly come up with new ideas and solutions. Innovation and creativity drive change, push boundaries, extend our personal and business growth which evolves into resilience and ultimate success. It’s worth repeating, challenges / setbacks and failures are a mere bend in the road, not the end of the road! This resilience is critical: Entrepreneurship charts quite a challenging journey and being an agent of change requires true resilience and perseverance. You must face obstacles and setbacks, keep pushing forward even when things get tough, and collaborate. Collaboration is key: change will never happen in isolation. Change-making agents are required to collaborate with others who share their vision as they can help you achieve your goals. Building strong partnerships and networking also defines an essential quality of this success. You cannot easily replace, if at all, continuous learning. To stay ahead of the curve and continue to drive change, stay curious and open to new ideas because this contributes a highly important piece of the puzzle. Even if you only want to stay informed and relevant in an ever-changing business landscape, then continue to learn consistently. The final goal aims to ultimately impact: An agent of change makes a positive impact in the world. The ability to create meaningful change and make a difference in people’s lives rewards true entrepreneurs unlike any other field can.

Do you think that a team culture makes a difference, and how do you cultivate this dynamic?

Yes, I believe a team culture makes a significant difference in the success of a business or an organisation. A positive and collaborative team culture improves communication, increases productivity, and fosters innovation, growth and success. To cultivate this dynamic, create a shared vision, focus in on values in common, encourage open communication, provide opportunities for team-building activities, and recognise team achievements by celebrating them. Establish clear roles and responsibilities and provide opportunities for professional development and growth.

We believe to empower a woman you give her a microphone. How does your story represent female empowerment?

I believe my story represents female empowerment by demonstrating that women can succeed in traditionally male-dominated industries, are just as innovative and resilient and can overcome gender-based business and life barriers. By starting and scaling my own businesses, I have created opportunities for myself and others, and inspire other women to pursue their own entrepreneurial ambitions. Additionally, I strive to use my platform and resources to support and mentor other women entrepreneurs, to encourage people to be kind and to promote greater gender diversity & inclusion in the business world. Overall, I hope my story can serve as an example of the endless possibilities when women are empowered to pursue their dreams and see their voices heard, respected and valued. Explore More of Jacquie’s Success: Create Demand Systems


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