Arta Kallaba: The Importance of New York’s Culture — My Journey as An Artist and Entrepreneur


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Arta Kallaba is an exceptional entrepreneur and artist who has made a significant impact in the art world and is known for her innovative and creative work as well as her advocacy for diversity, equality, and women’s empowerment. Arta’s unique perspective and unwavering passion for her work have helped her carve a path to success while staying true to her roots and embracing the vibrant cultural tapestry of New York.

Arta’s journey began in her childhood, where she developed a deep appreciation for the arts. Her father, a musician and composer, instilled in her a love for music and art that has stayed with her throughout her life. Her mother, a teacher, also played a significant role in her life, inspiring Arta to continue her passion for art and achieve success in her career. Arta’s story is a testament to what Global Woman Club is all about: empowering women around the globe with a microphone. Global Woman magazine provides a platform for women to have their voices heard and recognised on a global level.
My daughters are my biggest art critics. The conversations that we have together are the most sincere, authentic, and deep conversations I have ever had with anyone in my life. They teach me daily what life is really about. They inspire me so much, and because of them, I am a better person and the mother that I am. Arta Kallaba

What was the effect of art on you at an early age, and why?

I cherish my childhood memories. It was a time of wonder that I will always treasure. My father, a musician and composer, was one of the most important people in my life. He not only taught me how to play the violin but also instilled in me a deep appreciation for the arts. I remember spending countless hours listening to him play his compositions and feeling a sense of awe and inspiration. These experiences ignited my passion for music and art and have stayed with me throughout my life.

Who is the most inspirational person who has been in your life?

Now, my father did steer me into the art world, but my mother is the reason I continued this passion for art and achieved success in my career. My mother is everything in my life. She is also a teacher, but she had to put her life on hold to raise us five children and be the mother that every child deserves to have. She is my number-one inspiration. To see how hard she has worked in her life and continues to work hard for her children to make sure we are successful gives me inspiration to continue to grow my success further and further.

What does New York’s culture mean to you, and how does Arta Kallaba-New York represent this meaning?

New York’s culture means everything to me. New York does not discriminate. I am an Albanian-American immigrant and am living the dream simply because of the culture New York has. Arta Kallaba- New York wouldn’t exist without the amazing culture and opportunities it offers. If you make it there, you can make it anywhere!

What is your most cherished skill, and how would you advise your reader to create profit from it?

Loyalty is the key to success. Being loyal to your customers is the best thing that you can do, and you will always get the best results from your business. I wouldn’t call it a skill, but more of a gift, passion, and love for what I do. I enjoy making sure my customers are treated as special as I would want to be treated, so the products I offer don’t just look great but are of high quality and high value. Only the best for my customers.

What unforgettable role do your two children play in your life?

My daughters are my biggest art critics. Ana is six years old, and Arda is five years old. The conversations that we have together are the most sincere, authentic, and deep conversations I have ever had with anyone in my life. They teach me daily what life is really about. They inspire me so much, and because of them, I am a better person and the mother that I am.

Why do you think the art of hand knitting will never go out of fashion?

Hand knitting is a special form to create art and clothing without assistance from any machines, just simple electric energy from our own human hands creating amazing art. Hand knitting is amazing for many reasons. The rhythm of knitting helps with serotonin release. This is the chemical transmitter that helps regulate anxiety, happiness, and mood. There is a strong connection between knitting and the feelings of calm and happiness in the brain. The social aspect of knitting can also lead to better mental health, a natural memory booster, and it helps with reducing the incidence of dementia.

If you could start a business trend globally, what would it be, and how would you ensure diversity and equality?

My hand knitting business trend goal is already on its way globally. We have different employees from different cultural backgrounds that are doing amazing work and spreading the art of hand knitting to help us modernise it, to help the environment, and to help our own health. There are many health benefits to hand knitting, as I have mentioned above. I, as an immigrant, know first-hand how important it is to ensure diversity and equality. That is my number one priority, and I enjoy working with all cultures.

Why do you think theatre still influences people so much today?

Theatre is truly an art form that deserves the utmost respect and admiration. The ability to transport the audience to a different world and make them feel and experience emotions that they wouldn’t necessarily feel in their everyday lives is truly remarkable. The stage has the power to make people laugh, cry, and everything in between. It is a unique medium that combines the power of storytelling, music, and visual art to create something truly magical. In my opinion, no other form of art can quite capture the same essence and feeling that theatre can. It truly is, and always will be, my first love.

How does your story represent what Global Woman Club is all about: empowering women around the globe with a microphone?

The Global Women’s Club holds a special place in my heart. As a platform for women to amplify their voices and gain global recognition, it empowers us to showcase our achievements and experiences across diverse backgrounds. This remarkable publication covers a wide array of topics, including career development, health and wellness, fashion and beauty, and current events, ensuring that we have access to valuable knowledge and insights. Moreover, the club fosters networking and collaboration among women in various fields, creating opportunities for meaningful connections and collective growth. By providing a safe and inclusive space for us to share our stories and perspectives, Global Women magazine cultivates a strong sense of community and support among women worldwide. It is a testament to the power and potential that lie within every one of us.
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