Gabriela S: Remembering our Origin—Why My New Earth Methods Lead to Self-Connectedness


In our fast-paced world, many individuals are ever-more in pursuit of tools for personal growth and self-discovery. Balancing our natural intuition and the use of energy with practical coaching methods has become crucial in this quest. One woman, Gabriela, stands out as a beacon of guidance on this transformative journey. Renowned as a New Earth Medicine Woman, Gabriela is dedicated to empowering women worldwide to tap into their inner wisdom, reconnect with their higher self and unlock their full potential. In an exclusive interview with The Business Woman Today, Gabriela shares her distinctive approach, dispels myths, and discusses her vision for creating a profound global impact.


As you continue to expand your skills and knowledge, how do you strike a balance between maintaining your authentic intuitive approach and incorporating coaching methodologies?

Thank you for the question. I have never wanted to be a by-the-book coach. Studying to become one was never to transpire at the cost of forgetting who I’d worked so hard to remember I.e., my self, which usually manifests through my inner wisdom and knowing. I believe that my skills as a coach are simply more tools in my toolbox of methodologies. I can use any of these tools at any point, but I like to surrender to the energy and client’s outcomes, rather than have a specific framework or agenda. The energy and where the client is at ultimately determine the direction of each session and subsequently the methods and skills that I use.

In your work, you emphasize the importance of surrendering to the healing process. How do you help women overcome resistance or fear that might arise when they face deep emotional experiences during the healing sessions?

I believe feelings of fear and resistance often come down to a lack of trust and a sense of feeling unheard or unsupported. The key to success remains building rapport with each client and really getting to know them so that they feel they can trust you, feel supported, and heard, no matter what. The aim is not to traumatise them further; if you lead them to a place of emotional release, which could prove uncomfortable and frightening, you don’t want them to feel alone and judged in that moment. You want to be a safe container for their emotions and process. Many people are afraid of surrendering to and releasing the emotions that come up, because they’ve been made to believe that those parts of them, their feelings, emotions and potentially their shadow, are something to be ashamed of. This is why I believe that it is of utmost importance that I show up as their guide, confidant and safe space holder through love, compassion and understanding. Seeing them fully, at their rawest, affirms to their subconscious that they are enough and whole, shadow and all. Just showing up in that way for them, opens up a new world of opportunities; they now start working with their emotions, feelings and shadows, rather than against them. A process of integration begins. They start to remove the mask they’ve worn for so long — one they didn’t even know they had. Magical!

Your work focuses on guiding women back to their true selves. Could you elaborate on how this process of self-discovery and healing leads to practical improvements in their personal and professional lives?

Your true self operates as your highest self. It arises through your innate frequency of pure light and love, without condition. As you start remembering, as you start peeling through layers of accumulated experiences that, for one reason or another, led you to believe otherwise, as you start replacing those beliefs with ones aligned to your highest potential and as a result start to reprogram your subconscious, you indeed start to show up differently. What do I mean by that? You start taking decisions and making choices better aligned with your inner wisdom. Your tolerance for situations, people, places and things that no longer resonate with your highest-self plummets with good reason. You start moving and taking inspired action towards the things that light up your soul, rather than dim it. You leave behind the things that once left you playing small. You start seeing more of the amazing opportunities the universe has to offer. More open and receptive, you start focusing on new ideas and solutions rather than problems. You start dreaming big and believing in the possibility of making these dreams a reality. What I’m trying to say is this: your whole entire reality changes and with that, your material world too.

In your experience, what are some common misconceptions or myths about energy healing and coaching, and how do you address them to help potential clients feel more comfortable and open to the process?

I truly hope these misconceptions are now falling to the wayside. But yes – there’s still a stigma which is understandable given how long society has taught people to be afraid of methods based around self-belief, energy, inner wisdom or knowing. Methods that don’t implement tangible treatment or medicine. Methods that are founded on self-rediscovery and empowerment rather than looking to external sources for healing. Methods that are rooted in the belief that you are whole, worthy and able rather than broken and in need of fixing. We live in a society that has taught us that if we have a “problem”, we have to look for the solution outside of us. We have to find a cure. We have forgotten who we are to the extent that we would believe in gurus and external cures, more than we would believe and trust our on inner knowing. All of this is due to our perception of security. We have been taught to trust the news, the “facts”, the “results”, the tangible. If there is no logical explanation, we look for empirical proof. And if that is not available to us, we reject what we felt, sensed and heard. “Must have made it up, must have imagined that there must be another explanation”. Hear yourself in these responses? A lot of people like security and that often means falling back on the taught known, so when this taught known, which has now become their belief, is questioned, they resist. They resist because their ego doesn’t want the uncertainty of a new idea, thought or belief. All this is rooted in the fear that the new idea could expose us to the unknown and our mind sees it as a risk. When we live from that place of fear, and we don’t challenge our patterns and old beliefs, we close off the other, new and different possibilities. This response may trigger some, but it is in no way intended to preach to those that don’t believe or don’t want to believe. That’s not my purpose. I stopped trying to meddle a long time ago. I truly believe everything happens in perfection and divine timing so people will open up to new ideas when it’s their time to do so or maybe they won’t. And that’s their choice — happening in perfection too. There has to be a balance in the world. I’m not here to “convert” anyone or convince them otherwise. I’m here to be and stand in my authenticity and truth and those that are meant to be on my path, show up on my path. On the other hand, if someone seems nervous about it all but harbours. secret curiosity, I gladly open up to explore things further. I always say: curiosity is the first step to transformation. If you’re curious, you’re at least in search for more, in search for answers. You are open to new and different ideas, you’ve tried other avenues and they haven’t worked, you are willing to try even if it doesn’t work out, even if you’re afraid you won’t get the results you anticipate, because you simply have nothing to lose. You just know that something has to change and trying something new may or may not give you the answers you’re after, but you are willing to try anyway. I know firsthand how both categories feel because I started as a complete sceptic, turned curious, turned tapped in to source. But it all happened in my own timing and through personal realisations and some dark nights of the soul, not because someone told me I should be one way or another. I started exploring out of curiosity and discovered a world I originally doubted and questioned. A world that made me question my own sanity, until what I was experiencing was so real even my monkey mind couldn’t deny it anymore. And when I finally let go and let be — the magic started happening. I’ll just quickly speak about coaching in particular too as I believe most of my answers have been about energy work in general. Honestly. I’m not even sure what these misconceptions are. Perhaps that “everyone is a coach” these days? I guess that can be said about all the new jobs that are arising such as influencers, tik tokers, vloggers, tarot card readers, motivational and public speakers, podcasters, gamers etc. They all have their space in the world and there’s a reason we are living through a massive shift like this. A shift that is only just picking up momentum. A shift that is moving us from our old paradigm to the paradigm of a new world and reality. A movement away from traditional jobs. A movement towards service based “jobs” that pivot on people’s personal stories, experiences and skills. Isn’t this a beautiful thing? Most coaches were coaches even before they called themselves coaches. The amount of family and friends I’ve “coached” in my life is incredible! So why not monetise on something I’m naturally good at, have an affinity for, plus I enjoy doing? I don’t actually see why there can’t be many of something. This is only a bad thing for those that believe that the world we live in is limited. If we have a dream, then it’s been planted in our hearts and minds for a reason. When you use your own story and experience to be of service to others, you are never going to be like someone else. You may be using similar tools but what you offer as an experience will be completely different. The people that resonate with you and therefore want to work with you will also be different and will change over time as you change, or they change and grow into different versions of themselves. There’s plenty to go round a million times over. I also don’t see people talking about similar topics in abundance in a negative light, especially when they do so with the intent of making a positive change in the world, teaching people how to release what no longer serves them, rediscover themselves live a more fulfilled life. Don’t the news do exactly that, but instead with a higher focus on the negative things because that’s what sells? Why is sharing something positive over and over again all of a sudden, an issue? If you ask me, the more of us the better. If you’ve heard about the power of affirmations, you’ll know what I mean. The more of the empowering and expansive talk we hear, the more increased the affirmative element of something empowering and uplifting, rather than of fear, pain, disruption, anxiety, and limiting beliefs.

Your journey from being a sceptic to fully embracing energy healing and coaching is fascinating. How do you approach people who are initially sceptical or unsure about these modalities and help them become more receptive to the idea of inner transformation?

At the risk of repeating myself here, I think the key is curiosity. Fear is a given if you’re not already awake to the world of energy and spirituality and any other alternative method of healing. And I want to be clear here. Healing for the purposes of my work means rediscovery of self rather than fixing something that is broken. So, feeling unsure and uncertain is understandable and welcome as long as you are willing to try and be open to learn or experience something new. In most cases, if you’ve come to my page, if you’ve booked a discovery call with me, then you’re more likely than not at least at the stage of curiosity. My job as a “space holder”, “coach”, “guide”, or as I like to bring all these terms together under the umbrella of New Earth Medicine Woman, remains to listen, be fully present and hold space for the client’s process. I do my job best when I help and guide the client, ask the right questions, probe and help them go deeper and feel/experience/see the answers they’re after for themselves. None of what I do or teach is founded upon force or the premises to force. These usually arise when there is a personal agenda, which leads to desperation and subjectivity which is not usually for the best interest of the client, but our own. When you leave space for things to unravel naturally, you allow time for the subconscious to become accustomed to the new idea or concept. It becomes less resistant as it gets exposed to more over a period of time. Forcing the subconscious to comply from the get-go when there is still resistance and fear, only ends in defensiveness and even more resistance.

As a New Earth Medicine Woman, you interact with women from diverse backgrounds and experiences. How do you ensure that your services are accessible and inclusive to women of all walks of life?

As a New Earth Medicine Woman, I hold every person to their highest potential, to the highest version of themselves. I see you from that place, no matter what walk of life you’re from. I don’t judge others nor you because of your past or present. I don’t care where you’ve come from, only where you’re going. All I care about is that you have come to me for a reason — you want to make a change in your life and you’re open to trying something new and different. Your age, profession, whether you have a degree or not, whether you are born into money or not, whether you have had a very traumatic childhood or not, none of it matters. My job is to show up holding the highest vision of you. No one is broken. No one needs to be fixed. We just need to be reminded of the power we carry inside. And what better way than a stranger holding us to that potential regardless of who we are? I believe you cannot attach a price tag on something that matters to you. If you smoke, maybe you’re inclined to spend a lot on cigarettes; a foodie? Maybe you likely spend a lot of money on Michelin star restaurants, a growth enthusiast? Personal development, fulfilment and connection are important to you, and you’re willing to put money into that. So, accessibility remains relative; how important something is to you depends very much on how accessible that same thing appears and what you’re willing to invest, both in time and money. I believe my services are accessible to everyone and anyone serious and passionate about their growth and transformation; anyone serious and passionate about leaving their unfulfilling, limited life behind for unlimited possibilities.

You mentioned that personal growth is a lifelong journey. How do you continue to challenge and expand yourself as a New Earth Medicine Woman to better serve your clients and the community?

Totally. Personal growth never stops. As a species that thrives when expanding, if we stop growing and developing, it’s like we are dead. I constantly overcome layers of my fears and beliefs. The bigger the goals, the bigger the fears you have to confront. And that’s normal. Your ego tries to protect you from the unknown and a lack of certainty but if you don’t see it as exactly that and just advice rather than a block, you will never step out of your comfort zone and grow. Once you achieve something that was once outside of your comfort zone, it no longer feels scary; you’re ready to take the next step and go even further. The ladder never ends. It’s like a baby learning to walk. Initially even sitting up feels impossible, then standing up without support but the instinct keeps guiding the baby. It overcomes those initial physical limitations because it can see others doing it. The baby knows that if others can, it can too, regardless of the number of times it falls. It is determined to overcome. It doesn’t give up at the first hurdle until it can walk, and then it starts thinking about running and jumping, and so on. You really can keep climbing up to the stars and beyond into the cosmos. You just have to keep dreaming and keep going. There is no limit. Continuing with the baby example, I believe it is so important to learn from and surround yourself with others who have achieved what you want to achieve. I’m always attending more courses to learn how to grow and develop my business. I have a couple of coaches too. I go on spiritual retreats for my own benefit so that I can reconnect and go deeper into the exploration and surrender to my gifts that I share with the world. I have rituals and energy cultivating and clearing practices I practice on the daily. You have to keep moving, growing and showing up as your highest self for yourself in order to do it for others too. You have to practice what you preach! If I don’t hold the highest vision for myself and keep myself accountable to that, hire coaches that inspire me continuously and keep me on track, I can’t expect to do it for others. My work is a reflection of me. And hear me out, friends and family are great, especially if they support us in our endeavours, but they can also make us complacent. Overly supportive friends and family may not be objective enough or may simply have not achieved or worked through what we are trying to achieve/work through. This does not inspire growth. This does not challenge you out of your comfort zone. It keeps you there. You need to surround yourself with and work with people that challenge you to step up, and that’s what I do.

Your mission is to empower women to embrace their inner wisdom and power. How do you envision the impact of your work on a global scale, and what steps are you taking to reach and support women beyond your immediate circle of clients?

The way I envision the impact of my work is with a ripple effect, not just on the women I work with directly — but their families, friends, partners and communities. I believe that when one woman starts to work on her personal development and growth, she causes a transformational quantum shift in her whole lineage of women. This affects the generations to come. So, even if I only get to work with a handful of women in my lifetime, in the grand scheme of things, the seeds I plant can grow millions of gardens over time. I think we underestimate how powerful a positive shift in one person can be. The energy becomes contagious and others start to want “some of what they have”! It starts a movement of expansion, growth, connection and contribution through love rather than fear! I envision my work having this ripple effect, just like how bad news becomes viral within seconds; I want to flip the script and create a quantum change by sharing and teaching through the consciousness of love and connection, starting a movement of connectedness-to-self around the world!


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