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“Inspiring Moments of Bliss”

By Dotty Griffith and Marguerite Maxey

Chocolate Secrets is one of four successful business enterprises founded by Pam G. Eudaric, Regional Co-Director of Global Woman Club-Dallas. Eudaric is the creative energy and irresistible force behind this Dallas, Texas based store. She has created a unique chocolate experience In a market replete with competition.

First, there are seven (7) countries represented in the Chocolate Secrets kitchen and a combined culinary experience exceeding 100 years. With all this diversity and talent, it’s not surprising that Chocolate Secrets handcrafts over 52 flavors of bonbons and truffles, 25 flavors of macarons, 12 flavors of ice cream and sorbets, and over 18 different pastries. Each delightful morsel is made in small quantities with premium, organic and natural ingredients.

Second, in addition to the chocolates and confections, Chocolate Secrets offers fine wine, craft beer, savory items, and exquisite gifts of handcrafted jewelry, handmade moulded chocolate pieces and hand poured candles. Third, there is live jazz and blues in the Art & Jazz room. For private events, including wine tastings and afternoon teas, Eudaric offers an impressive menu of appetizers, delightful entrées and other treats. Finally, the walls are adorned with original, contemporary art pieces for sale in Chocolate Secrets’ Ma Fille Art Gallery. Eudaric’s motto is “Come for the Taste. Stay for the Experience.” That includes weekly French lessons.

With all this sweetness and light, and Eudaric’s relaxed demeanor, it’s hard to imagine her as “the bitch” attorney she self-describes. As a take-no-prisoners business litigator for 20 years, “I had to decimate. I had to win; get interest and penalties,” she says. “When I was an attorney, the answer was always no.” 

Her slight yet distinctive accent hearkens back to her youth on “the island.” She grew up in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. There, the answer is always yes, she says, because islanders have to make things happen. “I came from a rock in the middle of the sea. Whatever it takes, I figure it out and get it done.”

Eudaric left St. Croix to attend Rice University on a national merit scholarship, then went on to get a law degree from The University of Texas. After practicing law for two decades, mostly in Dallas, she retired from the industry at age 47 and unleashed her entrepreneurial tendencies. First came a metal recycling company, Green Earth Metal Recycling. Next came Chocolate Secrets, then Joe Carter Construction, which built her University Park home and maintains her other real estate properties. 

Running the three ventures isn’t easy, Eudaric says. “I juggle. I work seven days a week, and my ex-husband and three sons help me do a lot of the heavy-lifting.” But an entrepreneur has to do what it takes to persevere, she adds. “You have to see every project and task to the end. You can’t stop until the job is done, and no task can be beneath you. If the floor is dirty, you sweep it.”

Her drive and commitment has helped Chocolate Secrets achieve many accolades and tremendous success, including a 30 percent annual revenue growth many times since Chocolate Secrets launch 16 years ago. Additionally, Eudaric is thrilled to have recently been invited by Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai,  to participate in Google’s Small Business Roundtable. 

Chocolate Secrets now has 16 full-time employees. Corporate clients include the Dallas Symphony, Harry Winston, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, Glenfiddich Distillery, and Omni Hotels & Resorts. The business is about more than chocolate, she says. “It’s indulgence, luxury, tastes, smells, sounds, beauty, peace. I’ve always had a good palate. My ancestry is diverse. I’ve traveled. And my mother and grandmother taught me about great food.”

Eudaric advises other entrepreneurs to embrace their passions. Then, she says, “love yourself enough to believe you can do it. Make a plan. Start and finish. Few start; even fewer finish.”

Eudaric is taking Chocolate Secrets globally this holiday season! 

“Come for the Taste. Stay for the  Experience.”


 More info :

Address: 3926 Oak Lawn Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75219

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