Biba Pedron: How I Can Get Your Revenue on a Double or Triple Treadmill



Being an Amazon #1 Best-seller revealed to Biba that although few people know how to achieve this, most can do it. The benefits to writing a book abound and start with more speaking gigs for example. As the author of a book titled with the words “Dream Business,” Biba Pedron shares her vision for others and their beliefs in themselves.

They must, for example, have self-respecting faith and this is, least of all, because if you do not have self-belief, you will experience stagnating motivation in the midst of your efforts.

This interview discusses another topic—networking—which has always presented a difficult learning curve. To shorten this curve, Biba advises that introducing yourself as a priority presents the No.1 tip for networking at the start of your career. You can sell during follow-up arrangements in business relationships. Some entrepreneurs have aggressive and pushy marketing as their strategy, yet this rarely produces positive outcomes. A way out? Know very well who forms part of your ideal client base.

Use Biba’s formula to double or triple your revenue in 90 days. Her formula is one-size-fits-all. The only thing she shifts is how she introduces it to her clients.

Biba, a proponent of mindset at an XXL macro level, teaches hundreds of marketing strategies that pale in comparison to an XXL mindset. Find out her secret to financial growth today.


I was able to stay in control of my decisions. We may not control what happens in our lives, but we are in control of our choices and decisions.
—Biba Pedron


What has the experience of becoming an Amazon #1 Best-seller taught you that most people do not know?


Becoming an Amazon #1 Best-seller is easy when you know the marketing strategy behind the launch of a book, and anybody can do it. But few people know how to do it.

Becoming an author is an instant way to raise your positioning as an expert—people see you differently, with more credibility. Becoming an Amazon #1 Best-seller is a cherry on the cake and raises your positioning to the next level.

Writing a book as an entrepreneur requires a great marketing tool that attracts more clients without selling while attracting an opportunity to get more speaking gigs.

Your book, bestseller or not, will allow you to speak in public. Sell your book but if you know how, then market effectively after to easily turn your readers into clients for your services, products, coaching or others.


What do the words “Dream Business” mean to you, and how does this vision tie in with achievement?


My very 1st book name, published in 2006 is “Start Your Dream Business Today,” because for me it’s important if you start a business to get your Dream Business.

It’s not easy to suddenly decide one day to quit your job and start a business, but when you finally jump start your business, you will have lots of obstacles and if you are not passionate about what you do this will present an obstacle in itself.

If you don’t really believe in what you do, and you are not planning to have a Dream Business, your own Dream Business, you will not experience strong levels of motivation, and determination that helps you realize this dream. And after some obstacles you may decide to go back to a job, to get the security of a salary.

Your Dream Business will help you to go through every difficulty, up and down, fear, and more.

That is also the reason I named my last book “M.D.R The Winning Formula For A Successful Life – Chance doesn’t exist, you create it” Where M.D.R means Your Motivation + Your Determination = The Realization of all of your dreams: even the wildest dreams.


What is your No.1 tip for networking for someone at the start of their career?


The 1st tip is to attend at least one networking event a month—in the US, it’s said that 90% of people find a job through networking and entrepreneurs find 80% of their clients through networking.

This pattern reveals how networking is important in our lives.

But networking is not selling, the 1st mistake that most people make.

They attend a networking event to sell something. You need to attend an event to meet people, introduce yourself, and get more visibility. The selling part will arrive later in the follow-up.

It’s the same thing on social media—too many people send an invite, to send an offer immediately after. Before you can try to sell anything to anybody, you first need to get to know them, know their needs and if they show any interest then you get to speak about your offer.

What is the purpose of selling to somebody who is not the ideal client or in need of our offer? It’s just a waste of time, it’s not productive, and definitely will not help your business, because then people will have a tendency to blacklist you or block you.


How do your marketing techniques work around the globe? As you mentioned, you offer these techniques to both sides of the Atlantic. Is there a particular technique you could share that works everywhere, or do they all?


Marketing is marketing—the foundations of marketing are the same for everybody and every business. But then you need to adapt them to your niche, your clients, your market, and your personality.

Some entrepreneurs are very aggressive and sometimes pushy with their marketing, which is ok for some of them because their prospects, clients, people who, like them, like the concept and buy more from them.

That is why you need to know very well who forms part of your ideal client base.

So, the strategies you choose will not depend on where you live, but how you act, your personality, if people like it, if you’re pushy or not, and so on.

Personally, I don’t like the pushy style, it’s not my personality—I prefer to communicate effectively to attract the people who like my style and personality. I go:

  • from conversation, meaning, communicating on who I am, what I do, who I serve and the benefits of my services, showing my clients results,
  • to conversion, meaning that people make their decision to work with me because they have seen the results, they now achieved with me.

I work with solo-women entrepreneurs. Using my Formula: Strategy – Visibility – Impact, most of my clients double or triple their revenue in 90 days. This formula works whether I’m with a client in the French market or US market, and the only thing I will adapt, is maybe the way to introduce it, because the mindset in the French market is different from the US one.

But the end result will be the same and depends on if people are confident working with you.

How do you manage your average client, so they double their revenue in 90 days?


I’m a business and mindset expert—so as you see I mention business first.

But the reason I can help my clients double their revenue in 90 days is I will first start working on their mindset. I do this because I can teach them hundreds of marketing strategies, if they don’t shift their mindset first, yet nothing will change.

In business it’s important to understand your client and ideal client as I mentioned before and to know their needs.

But to get them to their needs, you must sell them what they want, and when they become a client, give them what they need.

For example, my clients come to me to help them grow their businesses, create offers, use social media and have effective marketing strategies. Not one comes to me saying “Biba, can you change my mindset,” just because they don’t even usually perceive that they need to change their mindset first.

How do I help them double revenue, in 90 days? In the first or second coaching session, I help them double or triple prices, and sometimes I even add a zero to their prices.


Not because of the money—just because I help them to recognize their own value, their expertise, to stop under-selling themselves.

If you don’t recognize yourself as an expert, how do you expect others to recognize you as an expert?

So I first work on their mindset, which won’t change overnight. Still more, I show them how to continue to grow their mindset to get the result they want in their business, but also in their lives.


Who is the most influential person in your life that you have not met with yet?


The obvious answer is Oprah Winfrey. As a woman who doesn’t want to meet her in person, I recognise that she opened so many doors to so many women, not only in the US, but also in the world.

Having said that, I’ve been trying to meet a particular woman for a long time now.

I even invited her a few years ago, to be the “sponsor” of one of my summits for women entrepreneurs: is Christine Lagarde. Even if she said no, this time, I hope to find new opportunities to meet her or interview her in the future.

She is a French politician and lawyer who has served as President of the European Central Bank.

She previously served as the 11th Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund and also served in the Government of France as Minister of the Economy, Finance and Industry.

What I like, however, is that she was the first woman to hold each of those posts. So, she also opened lots of doors to plenty of women. For me, she is a great role model to women.

She lives in New York, so also knows how to manage environmentally differing markets and cultures, and more importantly still, I personally believe she always helps women in business, with jobs, and with money.

In 2019 she already said that “the feminization of finance is not an option, it is a necessity!” More recently in 2023, Christine said that “women are better leaders in companies,” and in her speech at the World Trade Organization (WTO) on March 8, 2023 for the  international women’s rights day she said “Less testosterone, less ego, it helps”—Check out this video, Christine Lagarde – YouTube and you will understand why I want to meet and interview her one day. Soon, I hope!


Have you ever felt overwhelmed and how do you manage burnout?


I have never experienced a burnout, but of course, I had a period in my life where I felt overwhelmed.

This was because of my XXL mindset, motivation, determination, and conviction, most probably. When I have an issue, whether in my personal or professional life, I make sure to surround myself with people who will be able to help me, to teach me or to guide me to the right solution to solve my problems.

So, my problems don’t stay in my life for long. That is the same way, that I went through two breast cancers in ten years, and never let the disease enter my head.

I was able to stay in control of my decisions.

We may not control what happens in our lives, but we are in control of our choices and decisions.


In which areas do you see yourself growing the most in the next 5-10 years? What will be your strategy?


I’m 60 years old and already achieved a lot of good in my life. For years, I have focused on my mission to help women become more independent with their business. For me being independent first is even more important than being financially independent.

If you know how to be independent first, then you will become financially independent.

My moto is: “I do what I want, when I want, where I want, with who I want, making sure that money is never an issue,” and that is what I help other women to achieve.

Certainly, I do not prioritise money first. But because of my conviction and commitment to my mission, as a result, money enables the lifestyle I decide to have.

I help so many women, and they realize that their issues, limited beliefs, and other fears, come from their education, family, school, culture. That leads me to my next mission: for the rest of my life, I aim to bring an XXL mindset to kids as soon as possible.

I will begin teaching them and showing them that everything is possible in life if you really are passionately committed to what you want. I’m working on a project. I will build a foundation to bring and XXL mindset to kids from ages 5 to 20, so they won’t suffer from limited beliefs most adults have.

The goal is to form them so that they never quit on their projects, because they will know that their DREAMS can happen if they have the right support and people around them to realize their DREAMS.


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