BB Feenix: Why My Journey Was an Antidote to Transform Trauma into Triumph


To find motivation, some writers look within, and other writers express themselves through their art. BB Feenix does both and stemming from the trauma that she has experienced—she finds motivation to be a music writer because it allows her to express these depths of emotion. It also allows BB Feenix to lend a helping hand to others in similar circumstances. A part of her journey that she cannot forget has been writing her way past her limiting beliefs and thoughts, all for an international audience. Changing her whole life over time has been a part of her mission to help women maintain their mental health. BB Feenix’s advice gives clarity in that you ought to always remember to set time aside and enjoy it on your journey to success. [ez-toc]

What is the why behind your motivation to be a music writer?

The motivation to be a music writer, stems from the traumas that I have gone through in life, and the need to express myself in a creative way. This has become a cathartic release of emotions from situations that I have lived through. It is also the desire to help others overcome the traumas in their lives, to live a more joyous and fulfilled life. Plus, I love how music makes me feel!

What has been the most memorable part of your journey to writing for an international audience? How has Quantum Flow contributed?

The most memorable part for me has been the realisation of how far we can reach, and the lives that can be influenced positively, through following your purpose and passion in life. We are only limited by our beliefs and thoughts and, by changing mine over time, I’ve changed my whole life. I have now discovered that we all have the ability to make things better for ourselves and others around us in the process. Quantum Flow has changed everything for me, it’s allowed me to take charge of all areas of life. Instead of reacting to life, I’m able to make clear decisions and create a life that I desired and I’m now in charge of my own destiny.

You have advocated for mental health and are on a mission. What advice would you offer women at the entrepreneurial stage of their career to maintain their mental wellbeing?

The advice I would give is to remember to take time for yourself. It’s so easy to get lost and always busy, especially when you are juggling a lot in life and work. It might seem counterintuitive, but learning how to stop and take time out from your schedule will make you more successful in the long run. Balance is important for longevity and will allow you the mental wellbeing to enjoy the path, as well as remembering to have fun on your journey to success. We are human beings, not human doings!

What was the process behind publishing your best-selling book and what audience did you have in mind?

The book is called Rebirth and is about eleven women that have overcome their own trials and tribulations. They overcame to have the life they had always desired and deserved. It motivates you and offers anyone that wishes to change their circumstances a way to have a better life. We worked very hard on publishing by getting a group of people together beforehand and making sure that we got support before the release. It’s crucial to get the ratings up for when the book is published.

As an experienced bio hacker, how can your reader also become a bio hacker, and why should they commit?

Bio hacking is a way of changing the biochemistry of our brains, bodies, and souls, to become the best version of ourselves. This creates the mindset that becomes part of your daily life and by taking incremental actions, you can achieve some incredible outcomes. Obviously this needs to be done with knowledge, care and understanding, as you can mess with your natural rhythms. Like anything, you need to commit to see the changes you are after, but you won’t regret it, you will just wish you had discovered it sooner! You can start with something simple like meditation and breath work. Or start by researching stronger methods from experienced people like Juan Pablo Barahona, or Dr Joe Dispenza. Or simply reach out to me for a one-to-one session of Quantum Flow and experience a powerful biohacking session.

What is your attitude towards achieving the impossible in health sectors (lengthening our lifespan, curing fatal diseases)?

I think it’s time to take control back for our health and lifestyles, in a holistic manner, with the backup of science. I believe that we are getting closer to understanding what we are capable of as human beings, and the innate abilities we hold within our DNA. Ancient civilisations had a deeper understanding with the use of energy as a healing modality, and I feel we are starting to rediscover this information. Adding Quantum Physics into the equation, we are starting to realise the potential we have as humans, to heal from within (with the aid of technology and the health services for serious illnesses). I plan on being here for at least 120 years!

In 1 paragraph, what is your most important message?

Where you stand is not where you need to stay! Changes are possible, and every single day right up until the day that you die. So many people feel stuck in their lives and circumstances, and feel that they cannot change anything, but everything is possible. It comes down to our thoughts and belief systems, the ones we have grown up with. When we learn how to change our thoughts and belief patterns, then we can start to make real and lasting changes.


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