What does International Women’s Day look like for future generations?

The young leaders of today attending the Global Woman Financial Empowerment Conference

The Women’s Financial Empowerment Conference was able to inspire a whole new generation of young girls who are looking to influence the world because of the other influential, established women in the room.

The young girls on stage with Mirela Sula during their panel

The International Women’s Day Conference had important messages from some of the Global Woman Club members as Dr Duni Atalabi insisted on Women to not give up and plant trees to grow seeds and Lady Kendall left the girls inspired by demanding the audience to get up and take a picture of them today. She elaborated that the women today made it already so they should already be celebrating. The other panellists spoke on their journey to financial freedom like Natasha Waldron who came from a cleaning and Ballerina background and now has a multi-million-pound business.

The guests in their Ukraine colours socialising during the women’s panel about financial freedom

This was a great lead up for the next panel which was the next generation’s voice. Five young girls confidently took the stage to share their perspective on how they see women empowerment, celebrating international women’s day and what it will lead to in the future.

These girls are just in their early school years and already knew about the value of financial independence and what legacy they want to leave on the earth.

When Mirela asked the ladies what will the next generation look like for girls like you, the girl’s responses left the audience cheering for joy:

‘There is hope that you can have women to take care of your company and are there to support anyone who who needs it’

‘People my age will go on to be big leaders and make change’

‘For the next generation there should be more leadership roles for women,’ She goes on to say more women should be publicly shown on how strong they are.

‘The next generation is about us and how we are going to make a change.’

The overall response that was emphasised by the girls is that they want to be the change and in charge. That is such a strong message to see young people want to create more, impact the world and be influential.

The ladies were also very educated about financial empowerment and the importance of financial education.

‘Money allows us to make choices on what we want to be… if you have your own money you have your own independence.’

‘Money matters, it can boost your confidence.’

‘It is important to aim high and money will have you achieving your goals.’

The girls were keen on keeping the tradition to inspire and be inspired for future women’s day and they even went on to tell us about their career aspirations and dreams. One girl spoke on the importance of women in STEM and said in 10 years she’d like to study science at university. Another girl expressed the importance of continuing her mother’s multi-cultural society whilst being a lawyer. Some girls wanted to open businesses and even get into criminology.

The word ‘inspire’ was said in all their replies. This means the future for women is looking to empower each other by building their own dreams and being independent.

Magazine Journalists- Janice Cardoso Gomes and Rochelle Martin

The message of yesterday was so impactful that even me and my colleagues who are in our early twenties looked at ourselves in a different light. The target of building our careers, investing our money and generating wealth for our future created a deeper meaning to women being in charge and the future looking more career-driven for the next generation of women.


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