Ullis Karlsson; Birthing a New Story for this World


                                                       By Kicki Pallin

She says she has been in a nine months pregnancy, but now the delivery has taken place. For Ulrika Karlsson, what has just happened in her life is more than following her life purpose, sharing her mission and publishing a book. It is about living in a time when we are witnessing a shift in consciousness, and a changing of the story of our world.

You say the world is undergoing a very special shift at the moment, in all possible ways. Can you please share how this is influencing your life?

In August I had a book release, of Holy F*ck and Sacred Water – The Secret Connections to Everything, with my co-author Tora Zophia Silverhoj. A lot of my time, energy and life has been “in and around” this book for the past nine months. It has been like a pregnancy. To be honest I have not been affected so much by what is going on in the outer world – due to Corona or what we choose to believe is really happening. We all have our different perceptions of what is going on. I have lived “outside of the Matrix” long before this crisis. I live a very simple, happy and peaceful life in Stockholm, Sweden, with my two teenagers and my partner. We have not had a lockdown, so I have been able to live my life as I normally do.

“Normal” can be very different for different people, how does a normal day look like for you?

I start my mornings with Yoga for Empaths, the yoga I have “developed” over the years. Usually I sit in front of the computer four to five hours before lunch. After lunch I normally enjoy a two hour walk in nature, being in silence. After the walk I have an individual consultation or a Soul Reading.  Then I cook dinner for my teenagers and enjoy a movie later in the evening. During this time, I have very much felt the collective consciousness though – all the fears, worries and doubts of other human beings. It has been very draining for me as an empath.

What is your opinion of the events that are taking place in the world at this time?

We are living in interesting and challenging times. In yogic perspective this is a global mass awakening! I welcome these changes that are increasing our consciousness, and the individual and collective frequency. Time has come when we all have to face our fears and take radical responsibility for ourselves. It’s time to make the unconscious conscious, and to transform our own shadows into light. I have felt the relief of Gaia, when the world “paused”. We stopped travelling, paused the pollution and the consumption for a while, all these behaviors created by our stressful lives. A pause for Gaia to rest as we – her children – had no choice but to do the same. We have been “involuntarily forced” into the feminine essence of just being, instead of all these meaningless doings. This has been a time for global contemplation.  To reflect upon our own actions and choices. Hopefully we have learned about ourselves – so we can act more consciously in the future.

You talk about the spiritual perspective, almost as if it has always been present in your life. But can you please share some of your earliest experiences of feeling that you had a spiritual interest and gift?

Even before I could put words to my experiences, I have felt “other people’s emotions”. It hasn’t always been comfortable. I have always been very sensitive to energies and persons, as I am a highly sensitive person – an empath. This explains a lot! Before knowing this, I thought that there was something seriously wrong with me. Over the decades I tried to “shield myself” from feeling so much. I shut down emotionally, and stayed busy doing things. Strong intuition was always a “gift” of mine, even though I didn’t know what it meant or was. So, I didn’t pay any attention to it. This caused a lot of suffering in my life. I dream about people or situations that turn out to be true, so called premonitions. Furthermore, I have always felt great compassion for others, for animals – and for our home Gaia.

A bit over a decade ago you went through a serious burn out, a sickness that almost cost you your life, you have written about this in your previous book 2:47 The Journey Home to my Heart. Having arrived at this stage in your life, how essential do you believe this journey was for you living your life purposefully?

I truly believe everything has a higher purpose to it. Maybe not visible or understandable for us at the present moment. Yet the Universe always has a plan for each individual – as well as for the greater good. I clearly didn’t see it back then. What the plan is will always be revealed or understood later. I really believe my long time burnout and suicidal thoughts were my personal wake up call. I wasn´t aligned with my soul’s purpose. I had to go through it all – so I could let the past go and create something new. It was the calling of my soul who guided me through this “death”, to increase my consciousness and my frequency. From this aligned space of love – towards myself and others – I help others more wisely, without becoming drained myself. It is very simple really; to be the light you are, you have to see and transform the darkness that exists in you. For me, there are no shortcuts to live your life fully. Today, I am grateful for the many lessons I learned along the way. That life “made me” choose another direction, change myself, my perception and my life.

You have said that you believe life chose you – again. Can you explain what you mean with that exactly?

I think that many people who have been close to death see this as a major wake-up call. At least this is how it has been for me. It has been like a second chance. A second life. To live differently, to make new sustainable choices for myself and others. These turning points – or crashes in life – soften our hearts. They make us more conscious and humble. It is our own responsibility to act and react from this life changing experience from another place within. Life is a gift, it is a present which basically means to be more present and trusting the Universe.

When you talk about sharing from the heart, it can be seen as a very natural experience and something we do on a daily basis with our family, friends and colleagues. But how would you describe this kind of sharing for anyone who knows nothing about the work you do?

Actually, my experience is that many people don’t feel they can share from their hearts – not even with their closest ones. We all have so many illusions and limited beliefs about how we should be, look like and what we should do. With no or little room to share, or to live from the heart. It is a sad paradox really. Many of us also put a lot of time and energy into upholding these illusions, beliefs and behaviors, due to unconscious fears of being rejected or not loved for who we really are. We long to live from our hearts – at the same time it scares the shit out of us! It has to do with the relationship, the deep connection, you have with yourself. Everything you search for in the outer realms – to be seen, acknowledged and loved – you have to give to yourself. This is what sharing and living from the heart means to me. To actually do your inner work, to allow it within yourself first and from this space share it with others.

You have almost 30 years of experience of traditional Western, as well as Eastern, holistic disciplines, personal development and inner leadership. How has your work as an International Feminine Leadership Coach, Spiritual and Yoga Teacher, as well as Public Speaker allowed you to live and spread your mission around the globe?

My own experience of mental illness combined with my long practice, more than 29 years, of yoga and holistic disciplines have enabled me to embody the wisdom I have acquired over the years. It also has given me the opportunity to work on the flow, and the sacred union of the divine masculine and feminine. They connect in the heart, and from this open-heart space, the inner flow and outer flow is created and communicated. This long experience has helped me to get more clarity, insights and new, higher perspectives on what causes imbalances within myself and around the globe. This is what I can rely on, in my mission to make this planet a more beautiful, peaceful and juicier place for us all to live on. In togetherness. I love to guide people into an increased consciousness, so they can become more connected to themselves and open their hearts.

 We mentioned earlier that you just had a book published. This is your third book in the course of a year, that is a fantastic achievement! Holy F*ck and Sacred Water: The Secret Connections to Everything was written together with Tora Zophia Silverhoj. Can you please tell us a bit about this book?

Thank you! Yes, it feels like a fantastic achievement. Actually, even though I have been a part of writing this book I must say, it is an amazing book. It is inspiring, interesting, intriguing, and “spot on”. With that I mean, right on time for these turbulent times we live in, where parts of the world have been in total lockdown the whole Spring, Summer and Autumn of 2020.

Indeed, this decade started in an unexpected way for most of us with this current world crisis. But if we now focus on moving forward, what do you believe are the most important steps for humanity to take to create a more sustainable future, in all aspects of life?

The way I see it, there are some things that are essential. Firstly – we have to dare to face our own shadows and take radical responsibility for them. Not to blame our shadows, and mistakes, on somebody else. Not to reject them, or to close our eyes by being distracted by meaningless things. We have to dare to dive into our frozen, stagnated, emotions so they can transform. We need to purify our inner sacred water, that is connected to everything. By facing and clearing out old frozen emotions we create a new flow, a new perception – and a whole new life. By clearing out old inherited “pollution”, such as traumas, stress and frozen emotions, we increase our consciousness and open our hearts. We sure need more heart centered leaders and new kinds of heart centered leadership.

Secondly – we need to dare to do things differently that we normally do. We need to think in a deeper, higher, perspective that is beneficiary for the many, not just a few. We need to reconnect with ourselves, and with Gaia. In this way we no longer need to abuse ourselves, others or our planet.

Thirdly – we need to increase our clarity. When the mainstream media is showing and directing our attention to one thing, in “one degree”, what is it that we are not allowed to see/know in the other 359 degrees? What’s going on there? We need to be bold and brave to look in other directions and question what is really going on, and why? We need to wake up.

Finally, with everything that you are experiencing, what are your hopes and dreams for the coming years?

Personally, I wish for a continuous health and well-being for my family, friends and for people that are close to me. With so many weird things going on in the outer world, it affects our inner world and our health as well. I also wish that Holy F*ck and Sacred Water reaches the hearts of those who came here to make a difference. May this book “soar wild and free, and fly high and far”, so we can co-create a better world, for the well-being of all. This is a strong vision I have. Personally, I am also dreaming of a house in the countryside, close to the ocean. Far away from the stress in big cities and far away from telecommunication towers, antennas and radiation. I also pray that my children will be happy, healthy and create good lives for themselves, and I´m always praying, wishing, dreaming and envisioning many things for the greater good. These things that I dream of, have visions of, they have all started within me. And I will continue to stay present, connected to my heart, nurture my visions and to be grateful for this very moment in life. Because that’s where the magic happens.

Ulrika and her co-author say, Holy F*ck and Sacred Water – The Secret Connections to Everything is not a book for the common man or woman. It is for a new generation of brave, passionate, and curious beings who know they came to Earth to make a difference and are ready to take action. Now. A new era has arrived, and with that, more confusion and fear than ever before. This book wants to reactivate a path of releasing the old so we can co-create a new, thriving future together.



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