Success In Reaching Goals Is Determined By The Right Mindset


Sylwia Piatek

 Success In Reaching Goals Is Determined By The Right Mindset


By Fatima Gorezi

Sylwia Piatek is originally from Poland but has lived in Belgium for 22 years. Her clinical ‘death experience’ forced her to look at her life from a different perspective. Her role in the family changed and from that moment she put herself in first place. She is now a Coach and her mission is to encourage women to find their strategy to be successful, to be more confident, and to discover how unique and important they are.

What motivated you to start a career as an entrepreneur?

In the past I first started out as an entrepreneur in retail but I quickly knew I had more to offer. I have noticed that most women only focus on their family, forget about themselves and let their dreams slip away. As a Successful Life Strategist I bring them back to their first dreams or help them to have a good strategy for their future projects, so they can find the drive from the younger years, follow their dream and feel the passion so they can succeed with a plan and a strategy.

How did you build up an entrepreneurial spirit, do you believe you were born with it or you developed it?

My entrepreneurial spirit grew thanks to my private and professional experiences. As a child I was always taking initiatives, as a leader of a Scout movement I was able to better my leadership skills. The more you learn, the more you grow. After several personal events in my life I choose to read more, follow courses in self-development and take the best out of me, to be able to help my family and clients. Every coach needs a coach. They are like a mirror to each other. It is profitable to others that you can re-evaluate yourself from time to time.

What do you think it takes to succeed in business?

Believing in yourself, while discovering your talents. Don’t listen to people who criticise you and don’t care about the gossip. You should also accept failure and learn from it.

What is your entrepreneur philosophy ?

When you have a vision and take care about your mindset, with every word and every thought you have, you will get near your goal. You just need to try and go forward. Able to maintain a clear vision on your purpose. Be loyal to yourself and know that by taking care of yourself, you will renew your energy and will be better with your family. They will all benefit from your well-being.

What has been the biggest challenge that you have faced till now?

When I had a near dead experience I just knew I had to choose to take care of myself. Thanks to personal insights I knew I had to let go of the past, remain focused, forgive and be thankful.

Can you tell us more about your background and work experience?

Born in Poland as the eldest of 3 children, experiencing the hardships as a child in a domestic violent household with an alcoholic father, this made me grow stronger. I came to Belgium when I was 19 years old and worked as an employee for more than 12 years, being promoted to a job with responsibilities. After a while I felt the urge to work as an entrepreneur, first in Sales and then Multi Level Marketing. I have 4 children and enjoy family life. I now am very thrilled about what I have learned, as from now on I can use my experience in my work as a Successful Life Strategist.

What do you hope to see happen in the near future for small businesses in your country?

A lot is happening in Poland. Small businesses are having a difficult time, especially when Shopping centers have more visitors and their clients stay away, except for the stores who have exclusive products and services. Social security is quite high in Poland and when you think about how many people left the country, at least 20 million. That is one third of the population which leaves their homeland for geo-economical reasons. When Polish people wish to work in another country, their intention is to work for a little while, that’s why they don’t learn the language of that country. Many have a high school or university degree and work in Belgium in the cleaning sector. It’s such a pity. I wish for Polish people to be more ambitious, study the language of the country and be bold to also work in their expertise. They don’t work only for their salary, they have great values which would benefit any smart employer, as Polish people love to work together to attain a bigger purpose.

Share something you would like the world to know about you?

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Personally I trust people 100% and let them show me they are trustworthy on the long term too. I don’t listen to gossip, nor am I the one to care what people might think of me. Good energy attracts good energy.

What is the last “one word” advice you will give to my readers when it comes to succeeding as an entrepreneur?

Be Yourself!


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