Shreesha Khare: Leaving the Corporate World to Become an Entrepreneur

Shreesha Khare

Jobs in the traditional sector offer a sense of security in life due to the services it provides. Many find themselves working in areas they hate and where they’re not evolving because they do not belong. Shreesha Khare is a coach that inspires others to find their belonging and inner peace. Calling herself ‘the inspirational thought leader’, she has a deep internal desire to help people by showing them new possibilities and solutions for old, tired problems. The corporate world was not the life for her due to her passion for creativity. She elevated from the capitalist world, becoming a coach and author, where her first book landed her on India’s Top 100 Debut Author List. The pandemic was a blessing in disguise by straying her away from a traditional career path.

“I was never born for the corporate space, I have an entrepreneurial mindset, and I was born to be my own CEO.”

You originally chose a traditional career path before making the courageous decision to pursue coaching and writing? Was there a moment that triggered this decision? 

As a woman, I believe everything is defined for us. When I was in my mother’s womb, my career and every aspect of my life were predefined for me. The idea of me choosing what to be was never a part of the conversation.

In 2018, I hit a low level, which slowly started affecting my life. I heard the voice inside of me saying ‘Is this something you want to do, or is society asking you to do it so you can be in a cage of security and stability?’ My decision to stay in that kind of environment was becoming my reality. I was a part of this herd of sheep for too long. However, I had chosen to walk on this path as I was conditioned to follow the traditional working lifestyle.

It was in 2014 when I first heard of internet blogging, and I considered sharing my views and what I am learning, so I searched it and learned everything about it. During that journey, I met someone who guided me towards writing. He said one thing ‘the only rule to writing successfully is: the more you enjoy your writing and telling others about your interest and experiences, the more people will be interested in reading it too.’ I started journaling every experience in my life since then.

I was in London in 2015, studying MSc in Human Resource Nottingham Trent University. I was aligned with this lady and she asked me what do you want to do? At that time, I was too naive to understand the question. In just one line, she said you should go for coaching and mentoring. Your mindset, knowledge and energy connect to that profession. I took her advice, and in 2018, I became my University’s Alumni Fellow guide and mentor graduate to students.

How does your experience working in the corporate world compare to your career now? Did you experience burnout? 

Before I was out of the corporate world, I explored many opportunities with coaching and mentoring. I did pro bono sessions and mentored my Alma Mater. In August 2018, I wrote my first book while I was working, and it made me realise that I can do this as well. Whilst I was working, and facing upheaval in a traditional working environment, the other part of me, pushed me to take risks in other areas. From the outside, a capitalist world seems like the best place to work because of all the services provided. It all seems to be about give and take. The corporate sector says that they will help you out, they value honesty and all, but when people show these traits, they create situations where you have to leave or they will ask you to leave. There is no loyalty and no one takes initiative.

Although I am grateful for what that world did, giving me a platform to see what works for me, I was never born for the corporate space, I have an entrepreneurial mindset, and I was born to be my own CEO. I am more relaxed now, and I have discovered a completely new life for myself. I’m living consciously now and on my own. With diverse experience, I can put myself anywhere. I have an abundance of growth in my chosen work environment. Indeed, there are many more challenges; however, when you are aligned with your mind, body and soul, challenges are nothing but a portal to grow. I am impacting humanity now, not just people in the organisation. There was surely a burnout in the process. However, that burnout was due to suppressing who I am and what I really wanted?

How can transforming ourselves help us succeed in different aspects? 

Transformation is a conscious creator as it impacts different aspects, whether it’s business, love, career etc.

Three things are required here to succeed:

  • Awareness of our thoughts, actions, beliefs, emotions – are you feeling lack or abundance?
  • Acceptance: this means you need to be brutally honest with yourself, allowing yourself to be with that energy and understand. I listen to my emotions, good or bad because they will show all my feelings about my career, relationships and work.
  • Action: think about the life you want to create and shift the vibration of the energy to the things you want. To create the results we want, we need to be grateful for what we have, for the person we have become from our past experiences, and for the person, we are becoming in our current state.

Knowing who you are, what you want in your life and defining it properly, will help you recognise what type of career/ business is fit for you. Be persistent and determined in that direction, and if you receive no as an answer in any area ( business or love), don’t feel rejected. In terms of love, we need to focus on ourselves, love ourselves and the right person will find us. Our environment is a mirror of our mental attitude. If we don’t like our environment, we need to change our attitude first. What is your attitude in operating all the areas of your life right now? Do you have the discipline and are you committed to carrying out any activity in life?

How has the pandemic affected or helped your career?

I would say that it was a blessing in disguise. I moved from one traditional career path to a new journey where I truly belong. Writing, speaking and coaching are more connected to who I am, which is based on my values of freedom, love, authenticity, vulnerability and curiosity. I believe the pandemic came as a blessing for all of humanity and me. It just changed my whole direction and I feel evolved. I’m so grateful for this.

I invested heavily in myself, from risking my life to investing in my personal development, meeting so many new people, making new connections, and exploring what interests me.

My mentor, Bob Proctor, taught me that all of my “failed” experiments are simply opportunities for me to discover how to make processes more effective and efficient. The pandemic helped me use my experiences to guide others.

What inspired you to write your own book? 

If I have to be honest here, there was no inspiration. Initially, I never thought of writing my first book. But, I’m a curious person always trying new things. I can say that it all began in July of 2018. During my lunchtime, I found solace in my writing journals, observing people around me or reading something either related to business or personal development. I had two choices in front of me, either I can become like the people around me or I can do something different which will level me up. I was Googling something on the internet when I saw this ad, which says ‘Be creative with your own book design’. I clicked the link without knowing what I was going to write. I thought let me just design it.

The company, who posted this ad, called me after a week and said ‘we saw that you were designing your book. So, have you completed your manuscript?’ I was like, what manuscript? What do we mean by that? So they were like ‘Okay, what do you want to write?’. I began sharing with them what I wanted to write. I told them that I want to tell stories in a manner that will make a difference in somebody else’s life. I want to tell real stories, which are either related to my life or somebody else’s life. Something real, which will resonate well with people.

Photo by Arun Prakash on Unsplash

When I started my own book process, I felt inspired to write this book: Along the Way – As you unearth about Self-love and Relationships. At that time, I was going through a rough patch in relationships with people around me and with myself. Initially, I was trying to make up stories, which was restricting me. But writing something out of your journey gives you a reflection of what happened during that particular period and how you were able to evolve into the person you are right now. I just went with the flow and I ended up writing 20,000 words. I was inspired by myself and looking at people from a bird’s eye view.

What would you say to women who want to change careers? Any advice?

Before you emerge outside your comfort zone, live life as yourself, as you are the source and the Co-creator of this life. Follow nature. Follow your internal voice and enjoy the journey. There is no guarantee that obstacles will be there, but it will be worth it no matter what happens. Follow that creative expression of who you are. Everything else is just an extension of you.


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