Passion for Your Job – the Road to Success


By Ellen Smith 

Rudina Hoxha is a professional Journalist and freelance Consultant based in Albania. With a background in advanced reporting/public relations and entrepreneurship, Rudina has substantial experience in writing, communicating and marketing.  She covers the European integration, diplomacy, business and culture and she is Editor-in-chief of ‘FOLLOW BUSINESS ALBANIA’, the only English-speaking magazine in Albania on business, diplomacy, tourism and art. 

You are the Founder and the Editor in chief of ‘Follow Business Albania’ and travel around the world doing interviews and taking part in important events. How do you keep the balance in your life while maintaining such high productivity?

Since early in my life, I discovered that I had a great desire to study journalism.  Meeting and interviewing intellectuals from different fields , people who had talents, diplomats, artists and others. My dream was to learn from them. So, I followed my dream. I went to the United States to study advanced journalism, public relations and entrepreneurship.  During this time, strong will and knowledge were instilled in me. It was such a prolific time, full of variety, exchange of experiences, new cultures and above all, new learning methods. The whole experience changed me. I made it, what a bliss!  

As regards to life, again the United States assisted me to learn how to build a life. This whole experience moulded me.  So to come to your question, I owe a lot to the US for equipping me with the best instruments necessary to create this work-life balance I enjoy today without undermining my hard work and my skills. 

Can you tell us more about the magazine? What is the mission/ vision beyond?

Follow Business Albania is the only English speaking magazine on Albanian market. It is available both online and in hardcopy. It is a useful instrument for the board of directors, top managers and administrators, diplomats and experts of various fields to promote themselves and their work. I consider it a product deriving from my studies in the United States. 

The initial spark for the magazine was to highlight the best examples of Albania to the world.  So, my first idea was to issue a publication that would highlight the best aspects of Albania in tourism, business, diplomacy, art and culture. The issue number 1 was interesting, but the issue number 2 one was irresistible to the readers. Soon I realized that my idea had hit.    

My ultimate mission about this magazine is to expand it over the Balkans, Europe and further, so more investors and tourists come to our country. During my trips abroad, I promote the magazine a lot and the feedback I get is amazing.  They are so happy to know that such a magazine is available in Albania and that many people around the world can read it online or as a hardcopy. 

Doing something for your country makes you feel so wonderful.

What defines success for you as an Editor in chief?

As an Editor in chief, success is to produce a magazine whose quality goes up from one issue to the other consequently leading to a higher number of readers.  In addition, it is very important for me to guarantee a team that works harmoniously for our common purpose.  

What gives you a sense of purpose to live the life that you do?

It is the integrity with which I have done everything in my life.  I inherited it from my small, strong family. When a person follows the road of integrity, he/she has won it all. I have always fought that all my roads be open and green. 

You seem to have merged your love for your country with high achievement in media and journalism. What advice would you give to those trying to find their passion?

Passion is key to our work. It can be won with time. Sometimes you never find it in one certain job.  Whoever takes the job with passion is blessed. Passion at work is like love, it grows with time.  

From my experience, being creative and thinking out of the box is one of the main ways to stir passion at work. Creativity keeps passion alive.  

Who has been your role model and has supported you on your journey?

My wish to expand my knowledge has been my constant push. I really wanted to learn and stay with knowledgeable people. My studies in the United States were a result of this desire I have always nurtured. America remains my model. In this journey of mine so far, I have climbed over most of the mountain slope but have not reached the top. Nobody should pretend to have reached the top, only the Lord can.  I have travelled a lot, I have seen many places, but universal people I met nowhere. 

To conclude this question, allow me to underline that my greatest inspiration remains my daughter. My life turned upside down since the moment I heard her first cry. She is my ‘golden apple’. 

Your career history is very colorful. What would you say can change your mind to leave the corporate world and start your own business?

The love for your work is like that love of the mother for her own baby. Pure, unconditional and blessed. It is the same thing. The moment you start your own business, the focus shifts to money. 

How do you want to improve yourself?

I will keep relying on my own family education. I invite all the women to do the same. The education you get from your own family is unsparing and precious, the one that keeps evils at bay. 


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