KenQwonna Clarke: Anything Is Possible


Fear of failure is common in today’s society, with one in three adults experiencing this fear. Thus, it can be deduced that individuals may fail to take the necessary steps towards success, as they do not wish to fail. Success often seems far-fetched and impossible. KenQwonna Clarke, bestselling author and coach, does not believe in the word impossible. KenQwonna, also known as the ‘Possibility Powerhouse’, shares her outlook on all the possibilities life has to offer, how we can seize them and be successful.

“Taking action is how you silence the noise of negativity from your own mind and from others.”

Your life’s work, at Epossibilites Coaching and Consulting, is dedicated to pinpointing the possible opportunities in people’s lives and guiding them towards success. Which events in your life have influenced your ideologies on endless possibilities? 

Throughout my life, there have been several events that occurred, which made me feel hopeless and stuck. When that kept happening to me, it birthed a determination to create opportunities for myself. One example is my traditional career path. Each work position I held, I was enthusiastic about and good at. However, they were dead-end roles that dulled the purpose locked inside me, a purpose that was desperate to emerge.

Possibility is all about potential, capacity, and options. I knew that to find success, I would have to create my own options! That is how I ended up on this path as the Possibility Powerhouse. Not just creating options and opportunities for myself, but also for other women through coaching and consulting. I have always had a knack for helping others see their potential and take action. That is why what I do is so important to me, because I help create a blueprint for others to obtain what is possible – visibility, credibility, and income.

You have stated that your family is your world. As a wife and mother, do you also find it challenging to be a successful businesswoman? 

Being able to balance being a wife, mom and businesswoman has been a smooth transition for me for several reasons. The first reason is my faith, which helps me to balance my life in the verbal sense of the word. Faith keeps things in a steady position in my life, so they are not falling or tipping over. Secondly, my husband is my best friend and life partner. He has always believed that I could do anything and has supported my work. We have been friends since we were 12 years old, and we have been married for 23 years.

My husband and I had been trying to expand our family for approximately 20 years. One month after celebrating our 20th anniversary, our daughter was conceived on Christmas weekend. As a “pandemic baby” her arrival was during our career pivot season. Resultantly, her birth became the confirmation we needed to pivot from our traditional jobs and become full-time entrepreneurs.

In November of 2020, we started our trucking business. I manage my time as wife, mom, and businesswoman from home full-time. My advice to moms who aspire to become entrepreneurs is to make a schedule that includes family time, work time and personal time. Once you have done that, be sure not to allow them to overlap. Be disciplined enough to show up and be present in those three time zones, when it is the appropriate and allotted time. Trust me it works. My second tip would be to read my new book #I’mOnYourHeels. It is a short read that reminds you of everything else you need to know to get started.

There has been a shift in the use of digital media over the past 2 years after the effect COVID-19 had on businesses. Why is it therefore fundamental for influencers to increase their credibility and visibility online? 

Creating an online presence and brand was crucial prior to Covid-19. The pandemic has resultantly reinforced the importance of online visibility and credibility. Remember, possibility includes potential, capacity, and options. Being quarantined, as a new mum at the time, challenged me to become serious and savvy regarding the online strategy I already had. 

It was no longer just an option to host coaching calls and classes online. It was the new business model for all businesses who were going to survive the pandemic and profit! I personally saw one of the most profitable weekends in the history of my business, by taking persistent action to enrol clients in my online book writing course. I believe COVID-19 taught us all to stay flexible and be ready to adapt, whether it be your business strategy or personal life.

In your book, Making It All Happen, you speak of a system that will assist people in achieving success sooner, rather than later. What is the significance of taking the first step towards accomplishment, without fear holding you back? 

The significance of taking the first step towards accomplishment without fear is this: without the first step you never get where you are going. That first step crushes fear, failure and the fake news whispering in your ear. Myths that you do not deserve success and that you will not succeed. 

Faith or belief without action will fail you. Your first step is the action needed to boost your courage and confidence, to continue the journey. The system I use to help others produces results. Once a client sees results, and a glimpse of what is possible, it is game over. The benefits of “making it happen ” include leaving a legacy and not a lag, creating generational wealth, and making an impact on others and on this planet. Audacious living is contagious. So, make a habit of making moves!



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