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K. Moneak

Authority is something that most of us fight against throughout our lives. We find ourselves discovering the freedom to choose and decide on our own from as young as my two-year-old daughter’s age. We find ourselves Pushing boundaries and testing limits to see how far we can go, and what we can get away with.

We find that we are making decisions that lead to the state called maturity. Does that sound familiar? This development process is an important part of establishing core values and the sum of who we are as adults.

We never imagined that once we became the adults being tried and tested, that we would be on a quest to define and walk in our own authority! Our own ability to give orders, make important decisions and enforce the rules that have been set. As a Branding Strategist with a specialty in “brand messaging” I help women create visibility, credibility, and profitability by writing their first or next bestselling book.

This has emerged as one of my areas of expertise and authority! I show up as the guiding voice and coach, share my expertise and strategies producing profitable results for my clients. That is the art of authority – translating your experience, education, and expert execution into profitable results over and over again.

I am using this opportunity to provoke the expert in you. It’s time for you to make it happen in your life. Your next is calling your name right now. Can you hear it? What experience, education or know-how do you have that you can leverage into profit right now?

The pandemic taught us that we must be adaptable and ready to shift successfully at a moment’s notice. Our world is constantly changing and presenting obstacles to overcome. Don’t allow these obstacles to paralyze you; instead, let them motivate your pivot and profit in this season.

There are a little less than 100 days left in the year, yet still time to pivot and profit. Are you ready? I will share a few steps you can take to access your authority and adapt to these changing times we live in.

Art is the expression or application of human skill and creativity. You have been daydreaming and journaling about your next move. I dare you to create your own opportunity, create your own blank canvas to splash your genius, skills and creativity all over it. Someone is struggling because you are stalling to get started. Believe it or not you have the power to shift people’s lives for the better. We all get 86,400 seconds each day to be great and live life fully. How are you impacting the planet and leaving a legacy? If you are unsure where to start, here are a few tips to get clear and get started:

  • Decide which one of the big three industries you want to earn in:  Health, Wealth, or Relationship. Make time to research your niche and deliver high quality value in that area
  • List your top three superpowers, skills, or areas of expertise that can solve a problem for others. Choose the one people will pay for, and focus – creating content and an offer around it.
  • Choose one of the following objectives to center your new book, program, service, or experience around: teach a new skill set, provide space for healing, inspire/provoke action, or new lifestyle, empower/motivate a life changing shift, increase faith/encouragement, foster a major transformation, or access a desire.
  • Get crystal clear about who your target audience/clients are and be sure to address their pain point or pleasure point. Solve their problem and they will pay you quickly and repeatedly.
  • Choose an online platform that you feel comfortable sharing on and spend 10 days consistently adding value and building your new tribe. On day 10 make a paid call to action and invite them to work with you.

Of course, as a book coach I am going to suggest that you write a book and an eBook to jumpstart your branding efforts.  A book creates immediate credibility (authority status) and visibility that can be leveraged into opportunities and open doors that you can’t imagine.  Books echo your voice around the world with your story, solution, and strategy. You must decide what tone of voice you will write in and keep that tone throughout the book.

Tones that you may consider include – trainer/teacher, motivation, inspiration, or transformation. You can start with basic considerations like front and back cover details, short author bio for the back cover or inside the back cover, choose a title and subtitle that doesn’t need to be explained, choose a book size and the book layout.

Finally start writing your introduction that should include these four things: introduce yourself as the author, share why you are the authority/expert, share why the book is being born at this time, and finally include the transformation that the reader can expect by the end. Then brain-dump your ideas and content. You can organize the ideas later and schedule time daily to write content around those ideas until you are finished.

This is a suitable place to start and all you must do is be committed to write consistently and create that bestseller that will impact many, beginning with YOU!  Once you decide where you want the book to land you, you can create an incredible non-fiction branding book that will kick doors open for you in your field. Don’t overthink it or talk yourself out of it. Use the bullet points above and this paragraph and start today.

Of course, there are other details in response to these suggestions that I can’t fit in this article. But this is a jumpstart list to get your wheels turning and to call you to action. Believe in yourself and take the leap. Become an active citizen in the realm where the Art of Authority rules. I believe in you!

Make it a Habit of Making Moves.

K. Moneak

K. Moneak is also known as the “Possibility Powerhouse!” Her energy and enthusiasm for life, people and helping others is inspiring and infectious. She is a wife, mom and business woman, whose faith is woven into everything she does. She has been speaking and coaching for many years, with a background in social service and clearly childhood education.

K. Moneak has been speaking for many years and really enjoys it. She has spoken in places like Teachable NY, Harvard Law School, and multiple times for the prestigious Global Woman Co. K. Moneak has hosted her own global podcast with guests and invitations to speak around the world. As a Branding Strategist with a specialty in Brand Messaging, K. Moneak helps aspiring women influencers create visibility, credibility, and income by writing their first/next book.

She uses her eight-week course and proven writing system to collapse time for the new authors. Together she helps them write, brand and publish their work. K. Moneak was reminded by one of her coaches that winners and champions have two things in common – a coach and a success system to follow. K. Moneak has created the success system and would love to be your coach. If you are ready to “Make It Happen!” contact: K. Moneak at [email protected]

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