Fully Recyclable Toys with Dantoy


Toys are great fun! Providing endless hours of entertainment and educational benefit they also promote fine motor skills, stimulate senses, help children become familiar with shapes, with role play, problem solving as well as improving concentration, inventiveness, and dexterity.

Toys are fantastic, but what does it mean for our planet? How many unused plastic toys, games and are unused? And what happens to them? Most likely, because they are non-recyclable, they are thrown in the bin.

Dantoy have been developing and manufacturing toys for over fifty years in Denmark making them one of the largest and most successful manufacturers in the Nordic region.  They recognise the positive role playing has on a child’s development and their toys clearly demonstrate this. However, equally as important to Dantoy is their desire and commitment to play a positive role in the future of our environment.

Be it from the use of renewable energy or to a reduction in industrial waste Dantoy are most proud to have designed and manufactured the “I’m Green” range of toys, derived of bioplastic – a type of biodegradable plastic produced from renewable biological sources. In Dantoys case, Sugarcane. Traditionally plastic is largely derived from crude oil or other natural gases. The concerns over traditional plastic arises in relation to the harmful chemicals (added to help mould plastic during its production) that leak out into the environment once left to degrade.

Unrivalled in their sector Dantoys I’m Green toys are made from at least 90% sugarcane and their bioplastic is 100% recyclable. Impressive figures.

To get more technical for one moment all Dantoy products conform to the European Standard EN71 which means compliance with strict safety requirements and are certified to ISO 14001. This is an international standard relating to environmental management, which helps firms to minimize the negative affects their operations place on the environment and how to continually improve this.

Furthermore, they were the first toy manufacturer to be awarded the Nordic Swan Ecolabel over 10 years ago. This means they comply to the world’s strictest requirements for plastics content. In bearing this label you can be assured that no harmful substances like BPA or phthalates are present and that the environmental impact of the toy’s entire life cycle – from initial design through production to distribution and finally its end upon “expiry” of the toy – is at the forefront of all its processes and operations.

This range of I’m Green toys by Dantoy includes the Pretend Play Dinner set (containing 22 pieces) – encouraging your children to be creative with their communication, social and table skills either independently or together with family. Costing £20 from Amazon.



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