Frances Pullin—How I Brought Spirituality and Healing to California


Frances Pullin, with four children of her own, grew up fast, learning things she didn’t need to know quite as early in her youth. After many years she felt the impact of tragedy, losing her son and receiving a call to let her know that he had left the earth’s energy at 33.

She has learned meditative practices, taken spiritual classes, and come to agree with the thought that humans are human no matter their race or religion.

With her method for building rapport in conversing with clients, she has skills which others lack although they may attain them themselves, something she assures us we can do if we simply trust our own perspectives.

While we learn things from our spiritual lives, a great secret is to not gossip these things and not share the secrets you are shown. We ought not to judge.

You too can learn from Frances who is a writer, psychic, spiritual medium and liberally shares her own experience with you.

I must be honest that I don’t know the secret of foresight. I know we all have it, should we choose. Foresight is a path of which if I had to say one thing, I would say you must trust.
—Frances Pullin

Tell us about your story—what has being a well-known psychic taught you and what led you to become a psychic?


As a youth, I knew things I didn’t need to know and didn’t even think why I knew them. As a young adult, I married, divorced, remarried and in the process bore four beautiful souls unto the earth.

My second husband became the father of all four of these children.

After many years, I received a call from my oldest son’s girlfriend that he was not breathing. He lived in Studio City, California, and we were an hour south.

My husband and I were asked to come to his home. He was not breathing. So it is that in late October 2003, my baby’s soul had left the Earth’s energy at the tender age of 33 to a fatal heart attack.

I had refused to put a phone in my bedroom many years prior with a thought of not receiving a 1 AM phone call. That is exactly when I received that fateful call as my second son brought the phone to my bed.

It took some time before I pulled my head from my rabbit hole and began taking meditation and other spiritual classes.

I loved being wrapped in the arms of the Universe and being in touch with my son whose soul resides on the other side of the veil, as it is referred to. I can communicate with my parents, siblings, all relatives, and friends who have transitioned.

A new path was being shown to me, gifted due to an agreement before I was born into this lifetime between my son and me. He would slip away, and I would stay to complete my soul’s purpose of teaching love of self to the world.

I have been taught that humans are human no matter their race or religion. Chatting with a Nigerian woman living in Russia during the recent lockdown, I had a lot to learn.

She was facing the same problems as I and hated being regulated as to where and what she could do. It was all so confining for us who roam the globe seeking wisdom and sharing what we know. We are one being, with different facts of our physical being.

I have reached the pinnacle of my life and see many more lessons to be taught to many hungry souls looking for guidance from Spirit.


Being a spiritual counsellor must include being deeply involved in the process of rapport. Can you tell us one thing about building rapport that you wish you were told before starting as a spiritual counsellor?


Rapport is a very deep subject with many insights. I have studied the teaching of many who have mastered biblical and spiritual history. Many current spiritual leaders are my mentors. I find my information seems to flow from my mind and mouth as though it has always been waiting to be spoken.

In building rapport, I sit with a client and talk about them and I. I ask questions to determine where they are on their spiritual journey. We learn from and through each other. I am never in the position of not being open to a concept or question that has come up in another person’s studies.

If I don’t have the answer, notes are taken, and I find the answer that best suits the way the information has been presented.


What is one time you have accurately predicted a coming event and what is the secret to foresight?


Early in my development, a very intriguing prediction came to me while driving my children to school.

I looked at the car next to me and said aloud, “They are getting divorced.” Thinking nothing of it, I proceeded to school and the days that followed. One afternoon, the woman in the car I was speaking of approached me.

She wanted to know where I had gotten my information and rightfully so.

She told me to never repeat gossip again. I was stunned. To begin with, I don’t know where the information came from and secondly did not even realize I had said the words aloud to be repeated by my little passengers aboard.

I looked a little silly trying to explain no one had gossiped to me, I just knew things.

A great lesson in spirituality is to not gossip and to not share the secrets I was being shown. One could question why I got the information at all, yet I know it was part of the lessons to be learned before I ran forward throwing my gift lackadaisically into the space of the Universe.

A deeper lesson is to not judge. Difficult—yet not impossible.

I must be honest that I don’t know the secret of foresight. I know we all have it, should we choose. Foresight is a path of which if I had to say one thing, I would say you must trust.

Trust what you think you hear, what you think you know, and do not question that you are making things up. Just Trust. If my Guides and Angels have taught me one thing, then that is it. If the message says I see you as a young child being taught to ride a blue bicycle by your father, go with it!

Learn to Trust that the clients’ and your Guides and Angels communicate with each other to bring the client information. This validates that you are in touch with those being sought and that the client is receiving positive information.

It must be remembered that the reading is being done in real time with real time energy. Should something not transpire, it just means the energy shifted. If you are told a new job is in the energy and you do not get one, perhaps the energy has shifted where you work, and you are now happy there.

Maybe someone else moved on and made you content. So much to share, so little time here.



With clients and students worldwide, what do you think about the trend of online lessons and meetings that the COVID-19 pandemic has produced?


Oh my! I was so devastated by the pandemic.

I knew some things in my gut that did not resonate with what we were being told and yet there was no way to circumvent much of what was going to happen.

I stayed indoors for the most part. My small business fell apart for a time. I had lost physical contact with students and clients. Psychic fairs where I channelled messages to my audience from Amadeus Mozart had disappeared and I dropped back into my rabbit hole.

Slowly, I was introduced to other methods of communication with the world outside my home. FaceTime and Zoom became willing partners. I smiled to myself as many, many years ago in high school we were taught we would see ourselves live on the phone and there it was! A reality!

My business began to reign once more, and I was helping people in more loving ways than I could imagine as they themselves were reaching outside of their homes for contact with others. Building my business back to wholeness had begun.

That also brought about different forms of payment as we were no longer exchanging cash.


Tell us more about the Sanctuary Wellness Center in Tustin, CA. What is the vision behind the Sanctuary Wellness Center and what do you offer clients that you cannot find anywhere else?


I ended a five-year volunteer position with a local multidimensional healing school to pursue my own practice. That left me seeking a place to hold classes, sessions, and to create a monthly holistic fair.

I live about a mile and a half from the Sanctuary and walked past it often.

One day, the door beckoned to be opened. As a firm believer in divine timing and divine intervention, I had a meeting with the owner, Ajita Patel.

The building is a very old home which has been transmuted into a loving, nurturing space with a Yoga Studio, clinical rooms for massage, acupuncture, classes or whatever fits the hour of the day. I needed a classroom and that is what I rented.

It works beautifully again now that we operate in person once more. The owner has an Ayurvedic Practice in the facility and is an Ayurvedic Doctor. She grows herbs and makes medicinal teas from her culture which is Indian.

This is one of many things not offered in our area as well as other methodologies practiced by the renters. And it is here, in Tustin, CA, I work with a woman raised in England who teaches me of the ways of India.

I love its warm family feel as though I’m extending my own home to my clients.


Being the chosen President of the Tustin Holistic Chamber of Commerce requires a strong sense of responsibility. How have you maintained that sense of duty for four years?


I must say. I was fairly new to the organization and was learning what was being asked of me.

Over time, I learned to rely on my support team from inside the actual Tustin Holistic Chamber meeting space to the entire Holistic Chamber. I have a Vice-President and an Organizational Ambassador who have been in position since the inception of this chapter ten years ago.

As a young organization, I have been able to grow with the management through meetings and individual input. We meet as a group on Zoom and on individual calls.

Each month I post the next meeting along with the speaker who will be presenting and that has been chosen and agreed upon by them and I. Busy job, yet I have support and that is crucial.

There is lots of networking in the community to grow the chapter and bring holistic information to those seeking it. It was a difficult start; I still use my board, the staff at headquarters, and so many social networking groups on the internet it could be a full-time job.

One of my many hats.


As a published author of more than one book, what is your secret to focus and how can we apply it as entrepreneurs?


I love being a writer! Words flow: Connections are made; a story develops to entertain or to teach. I do both. I drag these beauties everywhere I go.

I attend many networking venues. Some are once a week, and some are monthly. There are the weekly Queen Bees which is a general networking support group at 8 AM. Each Tuesday, Lunch Bunch, is a group of spiritual friends and fellow mentors who meet monthly in each other’s homes.

We discuss new information found as we work with clients.

The Holistic Chamber, again spiritual. I have also joined a weekly 7 a.m. meeting here in Tustin which represents all businesses so that I might wear all of my hats.

I also participate in a group aptly named The Divine Nine. We came together after studying A Course in Miracles. We discuss its application in our daily lives as we grow and teach each other.

And, to make my life the fullest, I have joined Global Woman Club which is bringing out the very best in me as I mix with the very best of you!

More to the point, I take focus and make sure there is time on the calendar for writing. It never matters what you write, just that you write.

I took my latest book, “Loving the Me in Me, Grounding in the Love Vibration,” and have turned it into a retreat venue of the same name.

I have created a workbook which changes with each new retreat as nuggets of gold are spoken by attendees or have shown themselves to me. It is to teach love of self-consciousness to the world so that we might heal all broken hearts and bring peace on Earth.



What has been your favourite retreat based on your book “Loving the Me in Me” and why?


I honestly do not have a favourite as yet, but as time goes forward, one will present itself.

At the top of the list is the one in Sedona, AZ which is a haven for spiritual followers from all over the world. We were housed in a 10,000 sq. ft. home with ten bedrooms.

Enough privacy for all.

I invited in a Shaman (an American Indian soul who studies medicinal potents and treats clients with music and Indian dance); the Shaman played a singing bowl and led a meditation.

Another evening we had a cacao ceremony where the chocolate was blessed in Mexico, boiled in coconut milk & herbs, and served while a guest explained many crystal properties and their uses in our lives.

During the day was spent in meditation, discussion of loving oneself, and following guidelines to promote love of self.



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