An article by Sakirat Okewole an international Speaker and Personal Growth Coach for stressed, startup, or aspiring entrepreneurs. She started her journey of entrepreneurship over a decade ago as a Floral and Event Designer for her love of creative crafts before she transitioned into Personal Growth Coaching and Speaking on Success Creation at A BETTER ME ( based in the United Kingdom but delivers worldwide.

Her push for success for herself and others is birthed out of the belief that anyone can be whatever they want to be if they have an organized plan for it.

She teaches self-awareness and mastery due to her belief that you must be more to do more, by becoming conscious in a distracted world. Below is an article she has put together on COLLABORATION: A TOOLSET FOR SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS IN ENTREPRENEURSHIP. 

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COLLABORATION: A TOOLSET FOR SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS IN ENTREPRENEURSHIP ‘Ever heard the quote ‘TO GO FAST, GO ALONE; TO GO FAR, GO WITH PEOPLE’? This is a big and powerful quote that can help you unleash the power that you carry. Are you aware that you are a resource centre and will produce within the limits of what you know? This is one big reason to collaborate with the right people and leverage their resources to grow your person or any specific area of life that interests you. By doing so, you are exposed to a wider range of information that helps you build the capacity to dream big and do big.

I remember when I was overwhelmed with the many businesses I owned and I had hit rock bottom with stress and burnout. I knew I needed to pause and take a new turn but with the right approach, which I needed clarity on. This made me choose to hire a Coach who first walked me out of anxiety and then another one who brought clarity to my personal life. These two decisions were the game changers for my life. I CHOSE COLLABORATION instead of self-training or trying to figure it all out on my own, wasting resources and time.

I have also found out that whilst we are naturally a resource centre as humans, many are not aware or are in doubt about this and thus are limited in their beliefs while playing at the confines of only what they know. Do you know that limiting beliefs comes from limited knowledge and limited knowledge comes from overconfidence, under confidence or no confidence at all? The confidence to make the first move, the confidence to accept that you are worthy therefore you don’t show up or act as that. The confidence to ask for help when you require one, rather you being stuck with your ego-self telling you that asking equates to not enoughness. Well, I have learned that asking the right things, in the right ways and at the right times brings you nothing but desired answers, especially if you are happy to allow time and be patient for your request to be processed. The universe indeed knows what we want and sends it our way most of the time through people, only when we ask and ask rightly. Here again, is another big way to collaborate with the universe and the start of this is creating a great relationship with ourselves and the universe. The universe indeed consists of many great people doing what you want to do and also happy to show you around it but you have to be disciplined.

How you see yourself determines how big you would play. This sentence is one of my favourites from my self-awareness masterclass to Betterstars on the GROW CALL. It is nothing short of truth that the confidence you exude comes from a place of your being and your perception of the truth. It is for this reason that some people cannot engage in tough conversations because of Fear of getting a NO. Can I promise you however the objection does not mean rejection and that those NOs usually lead to a YES too? Keep soaking in all the NOs, it definitely will lead to a YES and I am sure every NO also comes with a lesson that you have to be attentive to which then helps you make better decisions that will eventually lead to a YES. I emphasize this so that when you reach out to people or partners for collaboration but are turned down, you don’t overthink it or get discouraged by it. It does not mean your work is bad. Sometimes the values might not just align at that moment or perhaps the present focus is different for whom you are seeking to partner with.

This may also be an alert to set your values right and identify those who share similar values as yours to speak with the right partners.

Collaborating upwards is good too; however, make sure you do good work. Good works are simple because they are purposeful works with reasons that are big enough to spark your daily enthusiasm. Collaborate with someone today to move you closer to your goal!


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