Camilla Quintana: Igniting Your Expat Potential—A Life Abroad Awaits


Camilla started The Empowered Expat Woman is to explain and normalise the struggles that this life-changing transition into another country brings. She found that many women living abroad encounter a lack of empathy and understanding for the challenges this can pose. Camilla is able to help such expats and Womenpreneurs abroad to find their feet and address underlying issues.

The Empowered Expat Woman talks about the potential within you to make the most of your life abroad and this applies to some of the most extraordinary women, who without exception reflect the clients Camilla deals with on a day-to-day basis.

Camilla’s speciality is helping her clients connect deeply with themselves. She helps them develop a ‘portable purpose’, so that no matter where they may go they may create a coherent, meaningful life story they can be proud to tell.

Camilla Quintana has met with customers who fit a high calibre and she helps them develop this capacity. Camilla will be taking new clients through her Coaching Program “Expat Elevation” which will help magnify their dreams so they can play bigger, no matter where they are around the globe.


They call me “Vision Muse” – that’s what I aspire to be for them!


What inspired you to start The Empowered Expat Woman?

It’s the kind of support I wish I would have had when I was struggling with navigating life abroad and living between cultures.

Everything might have seemed to be fine on the outside – but I felt like my life had gotten completely lost in translation. I felt lost, worried about my future and isolated.

These types of problems are difficult to grasp for people who haven’t experienced them. Because of the lack of empathy and understanding, something Expats often encounter with their very particular struggles, they can start feeling like “something’s wrong with them.” Or, “they really shouldn’t make such a fuss and just ‘be fine.’”

The Empowered Expat Woman is here to explain and normalize the struggles that living in a different country — which is a huge life transition — brings about.

Though it might be a struggle or hardship that pulls you in, The Empowered Expat Woman speaks to the potential in you to make the most of your life abroad. I wanted my brand to be inspiring, uplifting, and hopeful, to remind my clients and followers of what’s possible for them.

My content is profound, because the women in my orbit are very reflective, open-minded, and some of them are Coaches or Psychologists too.

My clients have been – without exception – extraordinary global women. I’m so glad to be able to support them in unfolding the resources and potential they already carry within!

With a great success rate in transforming lives, and the loyalty of your clients, how have your clients benefitted most from working with you?

First of all: having someone by them who can relate with them and who understands their situation is a huge relief for them!

Women living abroad have unique challenges and circumstances that others can’t understand. I’ve had many clients who had previously seen a local psychotherapist or coach in their host country, who certainly did a fantastic job; however, when they came to me, they really appreciated the fact that I’ve been through similar things.

An Expat myself, I can read between the lines and more intuitively understand them. Therefore, our Coaching conversations are very transformative, and my inputs and guidance can land on fertile ground.

My specialty, I help my clients connect deeply with themselves and with their ‘portable purpose.’ No matter where they go, they can create a coherent, meaningful life story they’re proud to tell!

They call me “Vision Muse” – that’s what I aspire to be for them!

What do you think are the most important qualities of an empowered expat woman?

I would say Clarity, Courage, and Resourcefulness. We need to be clear what we want and why we want it.

We also need to know who we are, what we value, and what our needs and desires are.

Usually, when we feel stuck, unable to move forward or procrastinate, it’s simply because we lack clarity to take the next steps. And living in a foreign country and culture can add to the confusion!

Courage is something all of us Expat Women have already shown by moving abroad! It’s also what will propel us to act and pursue our goals.

Resourcefulness is another important trait, as moving abroad requires us to reinvent ourselves in some ways. As our identity, self-image, and context changes, we’ll need to be flexible, open-minded, and creative to figure out how to adapt and thrive anyway!

Could you share a success story of a client who used your services to become confident in her new home?

My client Bianca, for instance, was struggling to navigate life and work in a foreign country. She was the only woman and only foreigner in her team, she suffered from Impostor Syndrome, and she always felt a need there to prove herself.

We worked on Bianca becoming her own biggest ally, which is one of the main pillars of my work. I showed her powerful strategies to manage her negative self-talk, increase her confidence and self-leadership skills.

She ended up getting a big promotion, but most importantly: got to believe in her own capabilities, worth and value!

Not all my clients are working abroad. In that case I help them to find a sense of meaning and accomplishment. They are vital for human well-being.

Since starting The Empowered Expat Woman, what have been the biggest challenges you’ve faced in developing your business?

I think it’s juggling motherhood and entrepreneurship, especially during the holidays, which has been the biggest of my challenges. I have 3 boys, between 8 and 2, and since we live abroad, we have a reduced support system.

It’s such a common dilemma, because it’s a deeply ingrained instinct to put our kids first — and yet, not advancing in our businesses is frustrating.

What’s helping me is the awareness of the situation. I acknowledge to myself whenever something isn’t working. Then I try to make some changes for the future or manage my expectations around it.

I don’t think there is a magic formula or solution to juggling motherhood and entrepreneurship — especially considering that each mother and child are completely different.

Rather, it’s about continuously testing and tweaking things into our day-to-day lives and routines, so we’re able to navigate our different roles better and better. I’ve also started involving my two older boys a little bit and am teaching them Canva.

I would love to involve them more in the future if they’re interested!

How has living in different countries impacted your approach to coaching?

This is an interesting question I’ve never been asked before. I’ve gained cultural knowledge and sensitivity and the ability to look at things from different perspectives.

Having lived in several different countries has made me become more resourceful, open-minded and think outside the box. All of this is a plus when Coaching clients – even more so my expat clients.

What is the most rewarding part of being a life coach for expat women?

There are so many! First, my work fills me with a profound sense of meaning and purpose. I love what I do and am always motivated, which feels great. Being able to help others, to uplift and inspire them is deeply gratifying. I also enjoy being around other expat women – it doesn’t matter that there’s a screen between us, we share so many experiences and that brings us close quickly. Like I said, my clients are extraordinary women, and I get to help them unfold their potential, which is beautiful to see!

What are your most precious targets on the horizon?

I’m excited about launching the third season of The Empowered Expat Woman Show on March 2, which will be streamed on all podcast platforms and on YouTube…

I’m also in the middle of writing a book and am pushing myself to finish it by the end of March — so stay tuned!

I also look forward to taking new clients through my Coaching Program “Expat Elevation” to help them dream and play bigger, claim their place, and create a life story they’ll love telling, no matter where they are!


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